The Twilight Saga

What do you think.Who's Nessie going to choose the werewolf or the halfbreed.
Tell me what you think

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Jacob i mean he is her other half she can not ignore that
i think jacob because hes described betr looking than Nahuel..... i dont like jacob tho..... but i luvvvv Taylor!!!
Jacob forsure
I'm with u on that 1
Jake for sure if she imprinted on him then it's final.No getting out of it is there.And BTW he did give her that cool nickname.And it will be funny for Bella to have a son-in-law that's only 2years younger than her.Jake saw Nessie first tecneclly so he should be the one. I'll send more comments here l8r I don't know much my mom read the book and I skipped the ending.
I think Jacob too. but when you think about it Nahuel is the one who saved Renesee`s life.give him at least some credit.i mean come on.he may be old but pretty much all vampires are
I think Jacob
Yeah grl
the werewolf !!!!jacob imprinted on her so she would pick jacob !!!!!!


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