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What do you think.Who's Nessie going to choose the werewolf or the halfbreed.
Tell me what you think

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I think Nahuel...
i really think your right about the whole jacob imprinting on renesme thing. but dosnt jake deserve a little happiness? even if he is a jerk and a dog.
yes i think he does..........
and well at least bella doesn't need to look for a sitter........ i would say baby but she grows so fast.........
and then i want to know what kind of half breed SM will come up next for wolf-human-vampire mutant baby........
Jacob is happy with Renesmee. She is his soul mate, just like he is hers
second actually or third .
2.Emmet Cullen
3.Jacob Black
maybe nahuel coz hes the same as her... but i think jacob because he will be everything she wants him to be because of the imprinting thing
Well, Nahuel is venomous....what if he were to accidentally bite Renesmee? What would happen to her?
And, according to Sam's theory, they imprint on the one who is most likely to create a genetically perfect wolf. How cool would it be if that wolf were a female? A queen, not a "genetic dead end"?
Well in this Fanfiction I'm reading the Reason that Leah did not imprint on anyone in the Tribe is because they were related in a way I forgot how but they explained it.
I think, and I hate to burst anyone's bubble here, but I think that it will be Jacob for the basic reason that since he's imprinted on her he will be everything she wants and needs at all times in her life. When she needs a friend that's who he'll be and when she needs love he'll be there for her to love. He'll be perfect for her in every way at all times.
I think Jacob, because i think he loves Nessie really, really much and Nessie loves Jacob too.
i think nahuel would have been better cause he is just like reneesme


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