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i was wondering who Nessie will pick when she gets older...i mean,i know Jacob imprinted on her n she loves him too but do u think she'll change her mind n go with Nahuel later?

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I think she would pick Jacob. If they grow up as friends then it would turn into a very great relationship. They would know absolutly everything about one another. I do believe later in life Renesmee and Jacob may befriend Nahuel, because there will be a bond of being a vampire hyprid. But romanticaly it can only be Jacob!!
i agree!
i hope Nessie picks Jake!
Jacob.That's all.
Jacob! No contest!
Jake. Because the imprints are made for each other.
She might have some kind of relationship wit Nahuel. Like friends.
I think there should be an epic battle and Nahuel should kill Jacob. He WAS supposed to die in the orig Breaking Dawn script anyways.


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