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Do you think Nessie is a good nick name, or do you (like me) prefer Renesme?

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i prefer Renesmee...Nessie's too boring and plain to be for her.
yeh it doesn't suit her, Renesmee is unquie just like her
It truely is and nessie does sound like the loch ness monster
i prefer Renesme is sounds much nicer
if you think of Nessie ... people would think she gave birth to the loch ness monster Lol x
Plus i live in scotland i found it hilarious
I prefer Renesmee...... I like her name better because its just all & all i beautiful name.
def. just sounds so much prettier! i can't belive the so HAWT!!! *swoons* jacob would call her a monster
no renesme
i prefer nessie because renesmee sounds kind of weird to me
nessie is cute but i prefer renesme
i like Nessie...but i also like Renesmee too..
it doesnt really matter for me :D
I just love her!
Well I like it when people call me Renesmee, instead of Nessie, but I tell people that they can call me Nessie. I don't really mind that much.
-♦Ѓeŋeςмee Cųℓℓeŋ♦™
i like fits for her...her origin of her name is from a human and a vampire and that is her.....i don't like Nessie...where the hell did jacob get it out of her name anyway?


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