The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 Birthday

"Happy 4th birthday Nessie!" Aunt Alice yelled.
It was the day I've been waiting for, my birthday. I love birthdays,

especially Cullen parties.
You see, my Aunt Alice loves parties. I always wish to see what my

parents wedding looked like. My mom always tells me how beautiful

the wedding was. I wish I was a mind reader, like my dad.
My family is very interesting. My dad, Edward Cullen, protected my

mom, Isabella Cullen, while she was human. My dad even changed her!

They don't tell me a lot about her transformation but, my dad told me

that I almost made my mom die when I was born. They say that's the

reason why she was transformed but, I know my mom, that wasn't the

Anyway, not everyone I loved was at my party. My best friend,

Jacob Black, he wasn't here yet. My best friend is a werewolf, vampires

only enemy. I don't have the best nose compared to my family, but my

Aunt Rosalie is always complaining about the wet dog smell whenever

Jacob was around. I wondered if Jacob knew I loved him. He is so

adorable and super nice. He promised he would be there. He knows

what would happen if he wasn't here.
"Thanks Alice! The house looks amazing!" I replied.
"Ness, this is your 4/15th birthday! Imagine how your Sweet 16 is

going to be like." Alice said.
I've imagined my Sweet 16 many times. I couldn't imagine

something good because Jacob still wasn't here!
"Alice, please we are celebrating her 4th birthday not 5th." Mom

said. Alice and mom then started getting into an argument. I slipped out

of the party to call my Jacob.
The phone rang twice, the Jake answered.
"Hey, big bad wolf, where are you?"
"Renesmee! I'm going to be late."
"Why? As you say, a party isn't a party without you." I had to

giggle. My party isn't complete without him.
He laughed too. "Yea that's true. But, Charlie is at my house. Billy

says I can't leave until he's gone."
"Why is Charlie there? He should be with Ms. Clearwater!". I almost

"I know I know. I'll make it up to you by taking you out tomorrow."
I almost screamed! This is the chance I have been waiting for since

my 2 and a half birthday!
I tried to sound cool like "Thanks Jacob!" but I said "OMG! Thanks

so much!"
"Your welcome. Okay, well you enjoy your party. I got to go."
"Yea I better get back before Alice bites my neck." I joked.
"Good one!" He laughed. "See you later."
We both said bye and I ran with inhuman speed to the party.

Before I could go back in, dad stopped me in my tracks.
"Renesmee, did you forget what you and your mother are doing

tomorrow?" he said coldly.
"No. I'm not a mind reader. What was there a surprise I was going

to receive?" I said.
"No. You must have forgotten, again. You and mom were going to

shop for your prom dress." He said upset that I forgot again.
"Dad, you know how much Jacob means to me. It seems like you

still haven't gotten that. Jake is as big in my life as you are. Mom will

let me go." I said pleading.
"No she won't. While you thought that no one noticed that you

were gone, we listened to your conversation. Your mother was very

upset that you forgot, again."
"Does it have to be at night? I can spend the day with mom and

go out with Jacob at night." I said at his angry face. I knew he would be

mad that I said 'go out'. He didn't like the idea of me and Jacob dating.

What I didn't like is, that he always kept secrets from me.
"You know your mother. She wants to make sure that Alice

doesn't force her to send you guys out again." he said.
"Well, then wake me up early tomorrow! I'm going out with

Jacob tomorrow!" I yelled.
The rest of the family came out. They all got worried when I

yelled. Of course, Uncle Jasper used his gift of mood control on my dad

and I. I calmed down for about a minute. When it came to Jacob and my

dad, I was never calm.
"Uncle Jasper, please stop the mood control! This is about Jacob!"

I said.
"Sorry Nessie." Jasper said.
I looked at my mom with pleading eyes. She knew I really liked

Jacob. She knew I loved my father. She knew prom was weeks away.

She knew Jacob was most likely going to take me to prom. She knew

that I wanted to go shopping ( it's my favorite activity!) but she also

knew that Jacob was important to me. She looked back at me with the

eyes that say "You know your father. He is trying to keep you away

from Jacob." Mom then turned to my father.
"Edward, prom is weeks away. Nessie and I can go shopping

next week." Mom said. I couldn't believe it! My mom is as protective as

my dad.
"Bella! Don't you have a problem with our daughter dating

Jacob?" Edward yelled.
"You know what he did. This day was going to happen

eventually." Mom said. What did my Jacob do?
"What did Jacob do?" I said.
"I don't care if he did that! This is NOT the day my bad thoughts

come true!" Edward yelled.
"What did Jacob do?" I said louder. This was not going to be

another secret kept from me.
"WHAT DID JACOB DO?!?" I screamed.
They all looked at me. This was another secret that everyone

wanted to keep from me. This was a big Jacob secret. I wanted to know.

I needed to know.
My mom looked at my dad. She looked at him, like she was a

blind woman seeing the sun for the first time. My dad nodded. My mom

thought something and my dad nodded surrendering.
Mom looked slowly over at me. "Jacob imprinted on you." She

said slowly.

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it's really should post more

I <3 it .......n really u mst post more lyk dis......

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see i never really understood the twilight movies... but now i do... i goes Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn pt1, Breaking Dawn pt2, New Life, then Renesmee's Movie Blue Moon duh i'm so dum sometimes 

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thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First off sorry this took forever!  I have had no time to write this chapter and many others because my computer crashed and lost everything!  Then when it got fixed it was middle of freshman year so I needed to focus!  So FINALLY here's chapter 2! (Yaaayyy!!)


Chapter 2 Wolves "Jacob what?" I said. "When you were born, I was holding you. Jacob came up behind us and imprinted." Aunt Rosalie said. I remembered Jake telling me about imprinting. He said it's like love at first sight, but way more powerful. I asked him if he imprinted, but he said no. He may have lied to me, dad would've snapped his neck if he said yes and told me. This meant, he loved me! He truly loved me! I loved him too, unconditionally. I wasn't going to tell him that I knew he imprinted on me. I wouldn't tell him I loved him. It wasn't time. I looked at dad. "Is that the reason you don't like me hanging out with Jake?" I said. He sighed. "Yes. That and you are my first daughter. As your mother knows, I am very protective." He said. My family laughed. Then, I realized something he said. "Wait, dad did you say first daughter? Are you guys adopting a baby that you will change?" I shrieked. "We were thinking about it. We would change her around when she turns 18." Mom said. "You're making me an OLDER SISTER? Why didn't you tell me about this? This is as an important to you as it is to me! I've always imagined being an older sister, but not by surprise!" I said. I was happy, but angry that they didn't tell me sooner. "We recently made the decision. But, if it makes you happy, if you promise not to have any moods, you can go out with Jacob all day tomorrow." Mom said. I would have screamed, if I had any breath. This is all I wanted to do tomorrow! Many thoughts rambled through my head. My first was 'What was I'm going to wear?'. I had to look cute for Jacob. My second thought was 'What was I going to say when I called Jacob to tell him this news?' I ran into my mothers arms. I hugged her like I've never hugged her before. I was so happy! I hugged everyone in my family. Maybe, they would start telling me secrets instead of keeping them away from me. My party was pretty normal. I ate some cake. I opened presents. I even got to pick the music! I knew that my family hated the music, but Alice danced with me anyway. I asked my mom if I could see Jacob. She said okay. I ran with inhuman to La Push. Before I got close to his house, I called him. "Hey Renesmee!" He said, excited that I called. "Hey Jake! Is Charlie there?" I said. Grandpa Swan would freak out seeing me there in my 15 year old body. "Nope! He just left." He said. "Go outside your house." I said. "Umm okay." he said and hung up. I ran with inhuman speed to the front of his house. I ran into his arms, nocking him over. I was on top of him. We were laughing. This was normal for us. I ran into him, we laughed then he invited me into his house. "Guess what Jake?" I said. "What?" he replied. "Bella said I could spend the whole day with you tomorrow!" I said. I know it's wrong of me calling my mom Bella but, Jake and I always use 1st names around each other. "No way." Jake said, surprised. "Way!!! I know I was shocked too. It's so out of character of her. But, she knew I wanted to hang with you and she just dumped on me that I was going to be an older sister, so she said why not?" "What did Edward say?" he asked eagerly. "He knows me. He knew I would sneak out if I didn't get my way. I would wait till the are doing it like crazy and sneak off." I said. "Yeah. You didn't tell me. What did he say last time you did that?" he asked. "Oh, he grounded me from my phone for the day. He knew Alice and Rosalie would kill him for grounding me longer than a day." I said. I had to giggle. Rosalie and Alice spoil me like crazy. I don't mind it, but when I get too many things, I go to Jacob to keep grounded. We laughed again. We never stayed in our current position this long. I knew my dad would kill me if I didn't get up. So I got up. I pulled Jake up too. "Its not that late. You want to go the beach?" Jake asked. He knew that was my favorite place. "Sure! I brought my swimsuit. We could go swimming in the ocean, if you want." I asked. "Yea! It seems like forever since I swam in the ocean." "Can we go cliff diving?" I asked eagerly. I've never been cliff diving and I really want to. "Sure! It is your birthday. Your a lot better about birthdays than your mother." Jake said. "I get that a lot." I said and we laughed again. Jake took me to the bathroom so I could change. I changed slower than usual because Jacob takes so long to change. After I changed, I put my clothes back on. "Jake? Are you done yet?" I called. "No! How do you change so fast?" He said. I giggled. He laughed too. I realized that it took me 5 seconds to change. After 2 minutes, he was done. He looked so hot. I stared at him for a few seconds. Then, I went back to friendly talks. "I'll race you to the beach! You can go wolf if you want." I challenged. "I'll stay human. I'll still win." He said, winningly. He thought he would win. I would so win. "You're on! What will the winner get?" I said. "How about the winner gets to pick what we do tomorrow?" "Your on!" I said while we shook on it. I wanted to loose now. I wanted to see what imprinting does to a wolf. Does the wolf know what the girl likes to do? I wanted to see what he had in store for me. I ran with inhuman speed, but a little slower. He easily passed me up. He lead the way to a medium size cliff. He jumped right off. I jumped off too. It was such a rush. When I swam over to him, I wanted to kiss him. I knew he loved me, but I want him to love me for me. I don't want him to love me because he imprinted. "This is the first time you lost Renesmee. What's up?" Jacob asked. "Nothings up Jake." I said. "Ok whatever you say." He said. I knew that he would ask about it later. "Okay, so I get to plan tomorrow." He said. "I guess so. Let's discuss it at the beach." I said. We swam to the beach. I went to my bag. I laid out our towels so we could lay down. I laid them down under a tree. "Okay Jake. What do you have in store for us tomorrow?" I asked eagerly. "Oh, it's a surprise." He said. "Well, how will I know what to wear?" I asked. He laughed. I laughed with him. I was upsesssed with clothes. We both knew it too. "Well, bring like 3 different outfits. 2 casual and 1 dressy." He said, still chuckling. "Why 2 casual outfits?" I asked, hoping he would tell me. "Can't tell you. It might give something away." He said with a smile. "Okay, what time should I be La Push?" I asked. "Around 8. I'll be awake, and I'll put Seth in charge so I don't have a reason to go wolf." He said. I was so happy that tomorrow it would just be Jacob and Renesmee. There would be no reason for Jake to go wolf, and we will stay in La Push so dad wouldn't stalk me. "So, what was up earlier?" He asked interrupting my thoughts. I have to lie. I have to lie. I thought to myself. "I was just thinking about being an older sister. Its kind of exciting. It's also scary. Jasper is getting better around humans, but I really don't think he's ready." I said. All of that was true. I was scared. "It must be scary. Do you know if they are adopting a girl or boy?" He asked. He loved me so much. "I'm not sure. I don't have a preference. I just have a feeling, once they adopt the baby, I will be at La Push more often." "Why? I know that La Push is your home away from home, but why come here more?" He asked. "I feel way more at home here. My house is crazy. Rosalie, treating like I'm 2. Alice, buying new clothes all the time. Jasper, wanting to drink my blood. Emmett, well he is okay. He's my favorite uncle. Carlisle and I never talk. Esme, she's awesome. Bella, we are pretty close for a 15 year old girl and her mom. Edward and I are always butting heads." I told him. "What do you and Edward butt heads about?" He asked. "Mostly about me hanging out with you. He hates it! I don't know why! It makes me so upset!" I yelled. I hugged him and started to cry. I knew why he hated it, but it made me so upset. He hugged me back. He didn't like seeing me upset. I just kept crying. I loved my dad, but he was so mean sometimes. "Renesmee? Renesmee? Look at me." Jake said. I looked up. "Honey, you know your father. You are his first daughter. He is going to protective." He said. "But, we aren't dating!" Yet, I said to myself. "We're just friends! Why would he be mad?" "Has you parents ever told you about Bella's human life?" "No. They don't want to tell me anything!" Where was he going with this? "Your dad might kill me for this. You deserve to know why your dad doesn't like me." He said. Was he going to tell me that he imprinted? It didn't seem like he was going anywhere. "I loved your mom before she got married." He said.


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