The Twilight Saga

Which one would you want to be Renemee's godmother Alice or Rosalie?

Both because Alice would take care of her and make sure she looks good and Rosalie would take the mothering so both of the cambined would be one awesome godmother!

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I agree with you i say both of them.
I agree with you but I think if I had to pick only one, it would be Alice, she's more fun and sweet.
Rose even if i dont like her
both but roasalie is better choice
without a doubt, Rosalie because she was the one Bella called for help, she was the one who helped Bella through it all.
i would pick rosalie becuase she was the one that was fighting for renesmees life.....
I would go with Alice

I think Alice would make a way better godmother for Renesmee and i think that Bella would pick her. But Rosalie does do a lot for maybe both.

BOTH! How could you choose?! Rose would be like a second mother of sorts, and Alice would be the fashion designer. Both a must-have!!!


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