The Twilight Saga

Okay here u can add your 2 favorite pics of Rob & Edward,
thank u Donna K 4 this lovely idea my vampsista.
No nude pics plzz....

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Because I can't choose....I am slamming some more of the 'Drool'some Two'some on lol xxxx

Hey love edward in this pics grt doona

Love these gorgeous pics of Robward Rutz,thank u 4 adding them...
Oh Rutz..these are lovely....that last one of Edward with his mouth open...yum yum lol xxxxx
i love dis one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny, these are gorgeous. Robert sprawled on the floor, does it get any better. Well maybe Robert sprawled on my bed lol xoxox
dis is edward

dis is rob

and these are more

hope u like them!!!!!!
They are lovely Violet.....this last one, look at that smile, so beautiful. Thank you. xxxx
beautiful pics of Robward Violet,i love them all...
gorgeous & sexilicious...

all our pics of Rob are so gorgeous,my sistas your Robward pics are totally gorgeous 2 so keep thie pics coming...

Ok, so I just can't choose so I am going to have to keep adding. Thanks to Donna K for the Edward beautiful. xoxox

Robert looking all coy and vulnerable in Sepia. - Look at that jaw!!

Edward with those 'eat me' eyes


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