The Twilight Saga

Okay here u can add your 2 favorite pics of Rob & Edward,
thank u Donna K 4 this lovely idea my vampsista.
No nude pics plzz....

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hey xena good to see you will surely upload grt pics of rob over here n thnks donna.k

I hve lot more to upload as realy worked on edward's photo will upload tmrw as i m off now you all like the pic i hope
Oh this should be good when it fills up. I am sure we must all have at least one favorite of Robert and one of Edward. I have loads now, how am I going to choose!.

Ok. One I love of Robert.

and one of Edward

Sorry Xena...I am always sticking stuff in the wrong place lol. I had better put my two here for safe keeping.

I love these two of Robert and Edward.

so hard to choose...
and i really can't get enough of him! ~sigh~
here it is...

EDWARD (my ideal man)

and ROBERT (my patt!)

hope you all like it! =)
LOL...a Ga'zillion Edwards and Roberts...nice lol xxxx
hey no problem Donna K,u r doing great,everyone this discussion was Donna K's
idea so plzz give her an applause 4 a wonderful place 2 add beautiful pics of our beloved Robward...
Thanks Donna K 4 this wonderful idea of Robward pics...
hey cathy i loved it edward and rob together it awesome n donna.k a big round of aplause..
Hey me leaving as it is evening so good night to all my sis here, xena, cathy, nancy, Doona.k, Donna.w, Karen, Irma, tusancy, raka, edward twin sis and lisbeth n michker n team adam hve sweet dreams of rob miss u all group hug love you sis.

Hey irma please write sis more miss u lot n karen you too tc enjoy

Miss u all...


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