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What are ya'll fondest memories of seeing Robert Pattinson 4 the first time?Share your stories,pics & memories here with us.Enjoy sisters...

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My fondest memories of our beautiful & sexy Rob was seeing him 4 the first time in
Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire as sexy Cedric Diggory & when I found out he was gonna play our
beautiful sexilicious Vampire Edward Anthony Masen Cullen I was screaming & jumping 4 joy going yes yes yes.
I love the Twilight Saga books Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse & Breaking Dawn.I love the dvds pics & posters & so
counting the days & hours 4 Breaking Dawn Part 1 on November 18th & will continue 2 countdown til Breaking
Dawn Part 2 on November 16,2012.Love Rob & cant wait 2 see his other movies & hopefully new music soon...
Whats funny is I didnt realize that Cedric Diggory was Robert Pattinson because I didnt see twilight before that. But when my mom told me after I was like "NO!! HE DIES?!"
Wow He's really changed since the first movie i still like his looks in Twilight he's was just sooo like the book
The first time I saw him as Cedric Diggory, I fell in love in love with him. I knew this guy will be recognize more and be much successful. He was still young then but when you kinda like a person you'll love whatever he does. Still excites me to see him in different movies outside Twilight. And when he does I still support in every special way I can. And now that he's the most beautiful vampire in the whole world, and you see him good deeds, supports charities or even buy a guitar for a man who lives in the street that sings for a living and because music has a special part in his heart. I knew that he was the man I loved from the beginning.


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