The Twilight Saga

Post up your name & birthday here,u don't have 2 put your year u were born unless u want...
that's totally up 2 u....

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Xena Cullen-February 13,1978


thank GOD i'm here on your birthday!

wish you have a wonderful one!

tc! =)

Donna Webster- May 18
Mine is December 15th .....and I'll be 109 years old....ok I lied about that bit. x
Kinjal Dave - October 30,1988
cathy - 16th of July 1978 =)
PoTart :-) April 5th
01 July 1990
belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY veronica!!!
and welcome here, hope you enjoy this group as we all are!
have a great day! =)
violet - august 29
hay your b-day is 2 days later then mine
Happy Belated Birthday!


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