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We are gonna celebrate the life of the most sexiest & beautiful man that ever walked the face of the earth & that man is Robert Thomas Pattinson so come

on lets celebrate this sexy,handsome & talented man.This is 4 u Rob cause we

love,cherish,& are totally devoted 2 u in every way,love u Rob,u r awesome...

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He is such a cool guy, he deserves to have a great day!!

LUCKY!!! lol! hes 8 years older than me :( 

He is awesome!

this is great!!!  he is sooo yummy! Mmmmmmm ;) Happy early birthday to the sexiest man alive! :) <3


(oh, cool fact ... my bro has the same b-day as rob, and he even has 2 older sisters just like rob too!! how weird is that??? LOL)

That is weird but cool!
tell me about it! LOL
Great idea Xena and I love that Rob and I share the same month *swoon* and only 12 days apart.
Wow Rosallen so random but so cool ;)
Thanks ya'll,lots 2 do but it's all worth it 4 Rob cause he's very special 2 us in every way...
oooh! nice! :) <3
Thank u sis 4 the birthday countdown...


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