The Twilight Saga

We want ya'll 2 give us your opinion on this subject about Rob's hair kay,2 me I love Rob's hair
short or long but we want ya'll's opinion cause they do matter 2 us so much.Here's the question:
Should Rob let his hair stay like it is now or let it grow back out?
Come on u tell us what u think...

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i like it both ways but it looks better long.
I love Rob no matter which way he wears his hair,long or short...
he will no worries... =)
Hey, am his spokeperson. He dosen't care whatever way, length, condition or the case maybe of his hair. As long as it's healthy and clean.
Spiky, crop, messy, windblown, finger tangle, all works for him. He's not vain, he's a super cool drop dead hunk of a dude.
When he looks in the mirror, he still can't figure it out. What about my hair that draws all that attention, says he.
Well, it's your trademark honey, any which way it comes.
I love it!
Hope I didn't offenf you guys.
Nope Alma u didn't offend me in any way,I love Rob no matter what or
how he wears his hair long,short,spiky,messy,finger-run-through,windblown,or crop.Rob is Rob
& that all matters 2 us,u have every right 2 your opinion my vampsista,after all that's why were all here,
2 enjoy ourselves,being a loving family,best friends,& what we all have in common the most & that's
our unconditional love,devotion,affection,& respect 4 our beloved beautiful Rob....
exactly! Rob will be Rob. I love Rob and no hair doo will ever change that. But he is definetly a drop dead hunk no questions asked. He will always be our beloved Rob no matter what his hair looks like.
i actually like it shorter the way it is now better.

I love it short honestly. But even if he grow it out again i wouldnt love him anyless for the way he wears his hair.
hmm i like rob any way he wears his hair :) short long down to his ankles lol (yes i like to exaggerate lmao)
long...short....scruffy......oh who's kidding who I'll take him

Chloe please watch what u say here cause rape isn't a word i'd say cause it's inapproprieate
so please this is just a fair warning kay...Again plzz rephrase the inapproprieate word...
Chloe apology accepted just watch what words u say,
read the rules of our group kay...


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