The Twilight Saga

We want ya'll 2 give us your opinion on this subject about Rob's hair kay,2 me I love Rob's hair
short or long but we want ya'll's opinion cause they do matter 2 us so much.Here's the question:
Should Rob let his hair stay like it is now or let it grow back out?
Come on u tell us what u think...

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I'm like you Lady Xena I would take Rob anyway he came, and I know the short will be less time consuming but if he would let it grow out so it would be sort of in between would look great would give him more to mess with and look so sexy doing it right now there's not much for him to run those beautiful fingers through....
Oh yes totally Donna,Rob is still our beloved Rob short or long hair,i'd take Rob either way...
I'd love 2 run my finger through Rob's hair,Rob was on 2day show & Jenna Bush who is former President George W.Bush & former first lady Laura Bush's daughter got 2 interview Rob this morning & she got 2 run her fingers
through Rob hair...I envy her big time.
lucky her!
Here are just a few pics

we're all into that!
either short or long, we still all wanted to run our fingers through...
but in my opinion he's an actor, he can't keep his hair same style all the time!
but he's going to grow it back because of BD... =)
I saw him in an interview yesterday and he really likes his new hair but you're right cathy he has to play the role and look the part...But I just want him to be happy and we will love him if he shaved all of his hair off. But if he ever has or wants it to be long again I will personally volunteer to be his hairdresser and keep it how ever he wants it....I could handle
This discussion I think is for us to just throw around how we feel about it long or short and what ever makes him happy is all we want.
that would be great!
taking good care of his hair?
just be happy rob and we're all good! =)
I would love Rob's hair any way I could get it....especially resting on my pillow lol.....he looks a lot more mature when it is short I think...but I love Rough Rob...always have. Gruffffff Gruffff!

I agree Donna, there is just something about the rough scruffy Rob and I like the pillow part as well...I would take him any way long hair, short hair, no
I would love rob in any way but i do prefer short as i like guys in short hairs but yet rob looks good in all as he is like a grease god said by bella..
I like his hair in between not so short but not so long. Either way he still looks gorgeous.
i like it both ways!!!!!! but when it waz long he had some BAD days wit his hair!!!!! but its always been cute on him!!!! :} and i think Donna Webster iz right 2


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