The Twilight Saga

As Breaking Dawn approaches rapidly faster than a speeding bullet we are

gonna walk down Twilight Saga memory lane & share our love & devotion 2

Stephanie Meyers beloved novels & movies both & share pics of from start

2 finish so come join us in the biggest most awesome event,party starts now so come celebrate with us.Party on Robward Lovers United....


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wow how edward has changed my favorite is stil the way he lokked in twilight so etheral

True True my sister......My favorite look is in Twilight......It was in Twilight that he had to portray a typical teenager's look and he looked like an beautiful and perfect........So high above the clouds......

My next favorite is in Eclipse......oh he was beyond BEAUTIFUL in Eclipse..........he TRULY LOOKED LIKE A GREEK GOD carved from porcelain........


love the picture dear, thanks! =)

so many memories, so hard to think of my fave.


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