The Twilight Saga

All current & new members plzz make sure u introduce yourself 2 everyone so we can get 2 know
u better as well as u would want 2 get 2 know us...No need 4 any personal history just a little bit about yourself kay...

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i'm cathy!
i'm not new here...
just so you know i LOVE edward whole heartedly!!!

am i the first here?
hey xena! you should introduce yourself too, you know. ~wink~
Hey cathy, your welcome in here, I am Karem one of the mod in here so feel free to see all, xoxo.
thanks karen! =)
Hello I'm Patricia,

I'm in my 30s and I love Twilght books. The movies are awsome. I watch Twilight and New Moon everyday over and over. The books I read in between time. I have 2 boys so it's very hard to squeeze The Twilight more than that. lol

I have been a fan since the books were released. Can't wait for Eclipse to start showing soon. Breaking Dawn I think is going to be a great movie to watch better than the other 3. So I live in Tn and that's about it. I just can't hep myself when it comes to Twilight saga.

I am Team Edward 100%.

Nice to meet all of you
welcome in here Patricia, I am Karen one of the mod in here so feel free to see all, xoxo
Nice 2 meet u 2 Patricia,i'm Xena & I'm the creator of the Edward Cullen is my stalker group...
Welcome 2 our lovely group here & feel free 2 look around & plzz read the rules above
as I advise all new members 2 do so.I 2 love the twilight books & I love Robward 100%.
P.S.Feel free 2 ask any questions 2 me & Karen kay!!!
hi i am black rose real name saina
i love edward more than i should
but how cares
i love to get to know you all
Welcoome Sapphire & thank u 4 introducing yourself,
feel free 2 look around,add pics of Rob,look at pics,etc etc etc....
We only ask that u read the rules be4 u post.Thanx 4 joining!!!
HI Sapphire SORRY i should have told u welcome a lot sooner hope u love it here
hello i guess i am a new member so hi i love Rpat and wanna chat about him
iam show i told u all ready but it is u Michker so WELCOME TO THE SITE iam glad u are here hope u love it here like we all do.
Hey ime Sophie from England i am looking forward to meeting some other twilight loonies i dont mind if ur 14 or 40. please add me. I am 14 and I am Unconditionally and irevecobly in love with all things twilight and Edward Cullen.


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