The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella oldest daughter, but got pregnant from a one night stand and is now a single mom to her daughter Jalice Mary

you can have up to 4 people

you can add people into the story if you want just fill out this form and i will add them

name of person:

played by:

the cullens:

alice cullen:Tayla Preston

Jalice cullen:me

bella cullen:me

edward cullen: Alice Cullen

emmett cullen:

nessie cullen:me

The Hales:

Jasper hale:

rosalie hale:me

The Steven's:

Jackson Steven(jalice's boyfriend):

The Blacks:

jake black:

The Volturi:

Aro Volturi:

Cauis Volturi:

Marcus Volturi:

Jane Volturi:

Alec Volturi:

Felix Volturi:

Demetri Volturi:

Heidi Volturi:

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Replies to This Discussion

jasper:*smiles as the waiter gave us our food and left*


jane:*walks with him*

jalice:*smiles*its nothing

rose:*kisses back*

Alice smiled as she started eating

Jake laughed "ness I love ya but I'm not kissing you until you stop tasting like a crusty old vamp"

Aro smiled at Jane "shall we walk home a get a car"

Jackson smiled "then why do you look like your up to something?"

Emmett smiled as he pulled back "your so beautiful"

jasper:*smiles and eats*

nessie:i know i know


jalice:im not


Alice watches Jasper out of the corner of her eye

Jake smiled "good"

Aro nods slightly "well then lets go"

Jackson rolls his eyes "sure your not"

Emmett smiles back



jane:*smiles and walks*

jalice:shut up*leaves the room*

rose:i love you

Alice smiles back

Jake kisses the top of her head

Aro smiled at Jane "how has your day been"

Jackson laughed and followed you "aww you love me"

Emmett kisses her cheek "I love you too"

jasper:*lays a hand on yours*


jane:fine i guess

jalice:*rolls her eyes*


Alice looked down shyly biting her lip

Jake smiled as he held her close

Aro nods "well that is good I suppose"

Jackson laughed and put his arms around her "you cant deny it and you know it"

Emmett smiles back





rose:i love you


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