The Twilight Saga

At Isle Esme the cullens, and Jacob decided to take a vacation there were Rosalie still had the feeling of wanting a child of her own while watching Renesmee with Bella, and Edward. She left the house for a while to walk till she heard a voice for help. Rosalie rush to the voice seeing a little mermaid with a necklace name Marina. Feeling sad, and having the instincts of a mother Rosalie picks the mermaid up, and takes her home were she was check on by Carlise, and is then raise by Rosalie as her own daughter. 13 years later Marina now a teen who is able to control her transformation between human, and mermaid without getting water on herself. She also became Renesmee's best friend, and is allowed to enter La Push without any problems. But when Alice has a vision of the volturi coming would they protect Marina or would Marina have a spark with out of the Volturi's youngest members?




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Carlise Cullen-Conflicted Demons Inside a Human

Esme Cullen-Queen_Tone


Jasper Hale-Conflicted Demons Inside a Human

Alice Cullen-Wunderland Friends


Emmet Cullen-

Rosalie Hale-Rose Carter

Marina Hale-me

Marina human form

Marina mermaid form

Edward Cullen-

Bella Cullen-

Renesmee Cullen-Rose Carter


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"Hi Nessie" Marina said climbing out of the water, and sitting. "Wassup?"Marina asked

"Nothing much, how are you and your mom?" Renesmee said while sitting on the shore with her feet dangling in the water.

"Good, and you know we all live in the same house." Marina said flipping her tail.

"Well yeah, but I didn't talk to her this morning." Renesmee replied to Marina's sassy remark.

Marina giggles as she flip her tail. "So whats happening to the family today?" Marina asked

bella and emmett



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