The Twilight Saga

Dana's new to La Push and wants to make a new start for her and her daughters 4 year old Christine and 2 year old Temperance, Tempe for short/ Dana is on the beach with the girls one day when Jacob imprints on her. what's next?

Dana- me



Renesmee Cullen (Clohe Dames)

Tempe-Bella Swan-Cullen(natyna smith

name any other wolf

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i did it yaay

yes you did

ok can we build castles now.

sure we can

yaay"i cheered

"you wanna come help us?

SPENCER:I stand behind the big tree ,as I watch her play and build sand castles.I cant believe I  imprinted on  a 2 year old.But its true.I love her.But how will I convince her over bearing mom to let me protect her and see her without scaring her to death.But I will see her,my sweet Tempe.And she will love too.

"good job tempe. how bout a bridge?

:Okay Mommy."I say."I'm going to look for some sticks.Ill be right back."I say taking off into the bushes behind.I pick up stick after stick until I only need one more,"That looks like a good one."I say ,pointing at the big one behind the tree.I pick it up and that's when I notice him."Who are you?"I ask the shirtless stranger.

SPENCER:"Hello tempe." I say. "My name is Spencer and I dont think your mom would like you talking to me,so lets keep ths a secret ok."she nodded and took off in the direction of her mother and I took off in the other.

"who's your new friend tempe? dana asks

"What friend Momma," I lied."None of my friends are hear."I don't know why but I feel strangely attracted to that stranger.He's so cool and mysterious.I hope he comes back.


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