The Twilight Saga

There are many different species in the world. This is the one place where you can be accepted for who you are. 

Boys Dorms


101- Davin Teague (willing to share)

!99- Carter WInters and Alexander DuPree

Girls Dorms-


200-Emmaline Matthews and Katerina Sullen

201- Lokiana Teague (willing to share)

299-Renna Swan











Name: Katerina Renee Sullen

Age: 16

Species: Mermaid

Dorm: 200 (willing to share)

Classes: Swimming, Drama, English, Geometry, and History

Grades: A's B's C's

P/B: Runaway Love

Name: Alexander DuPree 

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

Dorm: 199 {Coolest dorm eva} 

Classes: Drama, monster hunting, and fighting

Grades: A's and B's

P/B: Runaway Love

Name: Emmaline (Emma) Matthews

Age: 16

Species: Mermaid

Dorm: 200

Classes: Swimming, Drama, Writing, Theater, Singing, and Dancing

Grades: A's & B's

P/B: ♚♡MCRfoяeveя♡♚




Name: Carter Winters

Age: 15

Species: Fallen Angel

Dorm: 199

Classes: Drama, Dance, Geometry, and Laccross

Grades: B's & C's

P/B: ♚♡MCRfoяeveя♡♚

Name:Renna Isabella Swan



Dorm:299(wont share)


Grades:A's and B's



Name: Lokiana Soro Teague

Age: 17

Species: Kitsune

Dorm: 201 (Will gladly share)

Classes: Art, History, Literature, Singing, Fighting, Photography, and monster hunting.

Grades: Straight A's

P/B: Le Grazie Salvataggio

Looks: Name: Davin Randi Teague


Species: Wolf Shifter

Dorms: 101 (Willing to share)

Classes:Fighting, Soccer, History, Art, Photography

Grades:A's and B's

P/B: Le Grazie Salvataggio


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Davin smiled giving her hand a soft squeeze. "What's your first class?" He asked softly while his thumb ran over her knuckles. His silver eyes flickered up to her eyes his gaze becoming lost in her orbs. He forced himself to look away back at their surroundings.

Lokiana stretched after she came out of the locker room. She let her thoughts wonder back to the guy who had opened the doors for her. With her luck they would have no classes together and she would have classes with the red head Katerina. She let her body flow through the movements that the teacher showed them. She was one of the best fighters at the gym back home.

Alexander struggled through the first day of Drama. He could not stop thinking about the girl who he had opened the door for. She was cute he wanted to get to know her. maybe they would have classes together.


Katerina blushed and tried to think. "My first class is swimming." She says smiling a little bit. "So if you hear rumors about a girl who sprouted a tail and scales it'll be true."

(Can you add Monster Hunting to Lokiana's classes?)

Lokiana flipped one of her classmates over her shoulder trying to shake the guy from her thoughts. For her multi faceted thinking helped her mind expand and accept her oddity. She ducked spinning while kicking her leg out knocking over another classmate.

Davin laughed his silver eyes flashing in the light. "Well if you hear a story about a silver eyed black furred wolf running around campus with a green eyed arctic fox look no further than Lokiana and I. I personally think mermaids are cool Kat...can I call you Kat?"

Katerina smiled and giggled little bit. He was the first one to ever say that to her. She smiled to herself feeling her cheeks turn red. She was thankful that she had met him. "Come on before we get in trouble." She says pulling Davin along with her. "Yesh you can call me Kat. I love it!"


Andrew wondered why he could not stop thinking about this girl. He tried and tried hard. All the people in his Drama class thought it was all an act. Thank god it wasn't.

Davin laughed and let her lead him. "Okay, okay Kat. I'm perfectly able of walking." He smiled and followed none the less. He didn't mind really.


She blocked a punch sliding between the legs of her opponent hitting his knee caps causing him to fall over. She then retreated to the bench as class ended. She drank from her water bottle looking at her schedule.

Katerina smiles and slows down. They walk to the pool. She looks at Davin and smiles. "until next period"

Davin kissed the back of Kat's hand in a gentlemanly way giving her a wink. "I'll be sure to meet you here to walk with you." He looked at the girl that bumped shoulders with him and chuckled at her antics.


She went outside back in her original outfit for her free period. She pulled out her iPhone and turned on Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical ROmance singing along softly as she walked enjoying the sun.

Katerina smiles and blushes horribly. She looks at Davin and kisses his cheek. "Thank you so much for walking with me!" She says.
Can I join
Name: Silver (Kiara) H. Darricon
Species: Forest nymph
Dorm: 213 (willing to share)
Classes: Chorus/art, Calculus, History, Fighting/Survival 101, and Literature
Accepted :3


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