The Twilight Saga

After Math : Zombie Survival Plan, Vampire Friends, and Werewolf Bodyguards (Starting, Still can join)

It's been 130 some years since vampires and werewolves have shown themselves to the world(thanks to the Cullens and Jacob). But, for the past 12 years people have been coming back from the dead and going after members of their own families.

There are two sides to all this...The Hunters and The Archworkers.

The Hunters try to find and kill the zombies, along with some members of the vampires and werewolves.

The Archworkers try to keep the people and places safe.

This story follows Astrid and her ragtag team of Archworkers. She, along with her boyfriend(not sure what his name is) saved friends and families. Each family has made a member go with the two to find more people and bring back to their camp. There are old and young alike, but one thing's for sure...everyday there is a growing threat of the Hunters finding and killing all of them.

This is where you come in.


Guy and Girl(you can have more than two)

Don't disappear

Be nice


Please make people





Partner(don't have to have one...):



Power(s) (if you want some):



Name: Astrid Mariah O'Malley

Age: 18

Partner: Devin

Family: Link

Species: Human/Vampire

Powers: Seeing into the past and future

Background: Astrid was 5 when people started coming back from the dead. She grew up trying to keep herself and her family safe. While out one day when she was 14 she meet her boyfriend, both had hands up ready to hit anything if it were a zombie or someone from the Hunters.

She was always told she was special and she didn't understand until she was with her boyfriend and she had It was someone she never wanted to see again, but when he took her home...she saw it was true. Her parents had been killed and her brother was hiding in the hall closet. They left before they saw their parents turn. They started a group...hoping it would keep themselves and the other people safe.

PB: Me

Name: Link Johnson O'Malley

Age: 19

Partner: TBA?

Family: Astrid

Species: Human/Vampire

Powers: Elemental Fire

Background: He protected his little sister, he kept his family safe...but sometimes just can't be stopped. When he was 16 he watched helplessly as his parents were murdered by the Hunters. He could only hide. He felt his face burn red as he did and he almost set the house on fire right then. 

He is co leader of the group. He keeps a lot of the people safe and warm. He's like everyone's big brother and he is always there for people. He's often called "Big Brother" or "Eyes" because he sees everything and he's so protective. He's one of those people you don't want to mess with. Sadly, he still has problems about seeing blood or using any weapons. He's rather...hands on.

PB: Me


Name: Lyla August DarkLove


Partner(don't have to have one...): Link? 

Family: All Dead

Species: Vampire

Power(s) (if you want some):

Background: She grew up with an abusive family. All were killed by zombies. Has no friends or family left. Loner, hated, and outcast.

PB:  ρяιη¢єѕѕ κιммι™


Name: Xander William KnightAmour

Age: 19

Partner(don't have to have one...): TBA; Astrid??

Family: Lexx

Species: Human

Power(s) (if you want some):

Background:parents dead, open to new relationships, loves the look of zombies, obessed with zombies, gamer, loner, shy, 

PB: ρяιη¢єѕѕ κιммι™


Name: Alexxandria ( Lexx ) Rose KnightAmour

Age: 19

Partner(don't have to have one...): TBA

Family: Xander

Species: Zombie

Power(s) (if you want some):

Background: Mom and dad dead, brother alive, bubbly, loves people, emotional unstable, loves helping others, dare-devil, pushing limits. 

PB: ρяιη¢єѕѕ κιммι™


Name: Hayley Courte


Partner: TBD




She was on her way home and as she came into her house, the floor was flooded with blood and all her family piled up and guts everywhere. She was quite shocked, upset but most of all angry. She became part of the Archworks and tried to help others who would be safe then hers.

PB: With You x


Name: Max Redo

Age: 19

Partner: Sarka



Power(s): None

His family were killed by Zombies and some of them became Zombies, He is known to be the only surviving person from that family. Max is one of the strongest werewolf of the group, He is quite serious/worried about the situation and has no time to mess about.

PB:With You x

Name: Serena Rosemarie Snow

Age: 17

Partner: TBA

Family: Devin

Species: TVD Vampire

Powers: Elemental Fire, Mind Reader, Emotion Changer and Thought Projection

Background: Serena was 10 when she saw her parents turn into zombies. She had been hiding with her older brother, Devin who was 11 at the time. When Devin left Serena behind one of the sofas, she had heard punching and screaming. She'd been really scared and she had started thinking all of this panicking stuff in her mind. Not knowing that one of the Hunters had read her mind. When she had peeked out she saw the Hunter run in and pull Devin away from their parents. Then the Hunter shot them in the head two times. It was really traumatizing for her. But she eventually got over it a little bit. She also became really close friends with Link and his sister, Astrid. So did Devin. One day, she had fought a zombie and he basically killed her. But then a vampire(doesn't know who) turned Serena into a vampire while she was dying. When she had woken up, there was no one there but she felt...different..and she found out what she had become.

She is very caring, sweet, funny, and outgoing but she can be mean, cold, cruel, manipulative and kind of evil sometimes without knowing it. She is really good with a gun and a knife. She's also good at fighting without weapons.

PB: вяσκɛи нɛαятɛ∂ ɢιяℓ .™

Name: Devin Klaus Snow

Age: 18

Partner: Astrid?

Family: Serena

Species: Twilight Vampire

Powers: Mind Reader

Background: When Devin was 11 he had been hiding with his little sister, Serena when their parents had turned into zombies. He had left his sister behind the sofa and had tried to talk to their parents. But they didn't listen and attacked him, he started fighting them back but then a Hunter had came in and pulled Devin away. He had watched in horror as the Hunter shot their parents two times in the head. It had scarred him for life after seeing his parents killed right in front of him, it didn't matter if they were zombies. Soon he became friends with Link and started falling in love with Link's little sister, Astrid. But then one day when he was trying to look for a zombie that people had spotted a lot, it sneaked up behind him and before he could turn around, it got him in a headlock and suffocated him. Soon a vampire saw them and killed the zombie then turned Devin into a vampire. When he had woken up, he had red eyes and a powerful burning in his throat.

Even though Devin's a vampire, everyone still treated him the same since he only drank from the blood of animals. He also became more compassionate, protective and loving. He doesn't use any weapons to kill zombies since he can just snap their necks.

PB: вяσκɛи нɛαятɛ∂ ɢιяℓ .™

Name: Kenzie Bryn

Age: 16

Partner(don't have to have one...): N/A

Family: None

Species: Vampire

Power(s) (if you want some): Elemental Water

Background: She was brought up in a family of preppers. She thought she was prepared, as an only child, but both of her parents didn't think about a zombie apocalypse. But she did. She tried to save them, but they were already infected.

PB: Kenzie Bryn Way

Name:  Sylar Ferard


Partner(don't have to have one...): N/A

Family: None, but grew up as bffs with Kenzie

Species: Human

Power(s) (if you want some):N/A

Background: Same as Kenzie, because his parents left him as soon as the apocalypse started. Doesn't know Kenzie is a Vampire. 

PB: Kenzie Bryn Way

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Wayward, I know you did, but did anybody else look at my rp?

Sorry about that...I had to kill a few zombies(left 4 dead)

Anyway, yes?

and I'm happy sad...

It might just be me and you but yes.

I will make the starter in a minute...?

I'm feeling a bit sick.

:D Ready when you are!

i might not be able to reply becuz i gotta sleep & i have school tomorrow .. sorry :/

can we start now . ??

Yes...yes we can.

can you start first?? :)

Astrid stood in the small camp. Her hair was pulled back and she bit her lip. Sighing she made her rounds of making sure everyone was okay. She made it back to her brother and gave a soft smile. "I need to eat something. I'm going into the woods." She licked her lips and made her way out of the camp, she tired to make sure no one noticed her, she knew it would be hard to do.

Link stood by the small fire he had going and gave a yawn. It was rather early in the morning and everyone was just starting to wake up. He sat down and rubbed his face with his hand and looked around. He knew Astrid was getting a little sick and that's one of the only times they really needed...'food'. He leaned back a little and watched everything. His senses were on edge.

Serena sighed softly. She had been in the woods all night since there was nothing else to do while everyone slept. She had made lots of drawings in the soft dirt with a twig she had found while walking around. She made a heart with the stick but then kicked dirt onto it when she heard footsteps coming closer, and she got up super fast. "Who's there?" She asked, cautiously. When she walked towards the noise she peeked out and saw Astrid who jumped back. "Sorry Astrid..." She said, laughing.


Devin walked back to the small camp while kicking some rocks. He laughed when Link immediately turned around. "It's's just me." He walked over to where Link was at and stared at the fire. "Is this what you were doing the whole time? Staring at the fire." He smiled and looked at Link.

(I'm helping clean up the house so my replies will be...few and far between)

Astrid laughed softly and shook her head. "As long as it's not...a zombie." She smiled sweetly then looked around. "I thought you were be back at camp..." She looked rather pale, or...more pale than she normally was. She kept watching around them.

Link chuckled a little. "It's this or listen to Astrid talk about plans on moving...each are very interesting because she sounds like a small child playing army, but..." He shook his head. "I think it's because she's my little sister...I just hate hearing what she wants to do to...keep us, even me, safe." He shook his head. "I should be protecting her."


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