The Twilight Saga

Today, was no ordinary day at the Volturi court. Demetri went out to get food and finds this girl who was not like any other. He left her to die, luckily Alec had found her. She was in so much pain. She wasn't dying but transforming. She couldn't remember her name. Alec took care of her and fell in love with her. Details turn up and she is Aro's long lost daughter. What will Aro think?

Sophie (Aro's long lost daughter)- me




Marcus- me


* You can play anyone from the Volturi. Just let me know* 


Please be two characters

Long replies (if it is a slow day it is okay for shorter)

No outside drama

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Wasn't there a Heidi in the Volturi already?

I believe so but there can be more than one heidi.

I changed the name of the daughter so their isn't any issues.

Demitri and caius

thank you

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alec and aro


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