The Twilight Saga

You may know the story but im changing it up a bit.....

Alice is a girl that is from a different world called Underland but she left when she was ten now she lives in a home but when she see's the white rabbit things change. You see the Underland people Believe that the hatter himself dont feel save or at home till alice is back. So What happens when she fall into underland again?Will she be stuck there for go this time? Well there be hate and love?


Alice (The Alice of wonderland)/18/Believes she can do anything that her mind wants.


The Hatter/ his job well duh being a hatter...../loves alice with all his heart.

P/b- Forever Young. ∞ 

The Red Queen/ ( She the Second Queen of Wonderland)

P/B- Forever Young. ∞ 

The White Queen/ Is alices real mom/


Tyler and


 Twins/(Joe right and Tyler left)


(if you want to add more charaters you may i ran out of characters to put up)

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The Hatter and the Red queen?


The White Queen?

Name:Lokiana O'Hara

Alias:March Hare

Serves: White Queen


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