The Twilight Saga

With Scott now teaming up with Deucalion and the Alpha pack to find Melissa and Sherriff Stilinski, Cora still sick from the mistletoe she has been poisoned with and Derek, Stiles, and the others struggling to find a way to get Scott away from the Alphas and everything else that is going on, what will happen?  How is Lydia handling almost being killed and finding out that she is a Banshee?  Find out in "And the World Was Gone".


No ditching.

Playing a boy and girl is love.

Follow the rules that this group has.


Stiles:✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Lydia:  Callerina

Allison: Katniss Everdeen{Chloe}

Derek: Rue Meadows-Everdeen{Natyna}

Cora: Rue Meadows-Everdeen{Natyna}

Peter: lizzy  


Melissa: lizzy  


Julia/Jennifer/Darach: ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Scott: Katniss Everdeen{Chloe}

Deucalion:  Callerina

Kali: lizzy  

Aidan: lizzy  

Ethan: ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™ 

Anyone else I forgot.

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"ummm..she threw up blackblood mixedwith ,,...mistletoe."as the words left his mouth deek realized what was going on the mistletoe hhad poisoned cora."how did it get into her body.

Stiles made it to Derek's place as soon as he could. He was just as worried and curious about Cora's condition. Clearly out of breath, he huffed and puffed his way in, seeing that Cora was conscious at last. "Oh..!" He sighed out in exhausted relief. "She's conscious... but how's she doing?" He asked Derek, making his way to Cora.

She listened as Derek spoke and she smiled when he realized what it was Cora threw up. When he asked her how it could have gotten into Cora's body, she replied, "She might have ate or drank something with it in it." She then heard Stiles speak and she looked over at him as he spoke. Thank God he's safe, she thought, going quiet for a moment.

derek went over to cora and squeezed her hand trying to take away some of the pain."cora."derek said in a low genuine voice "what didyou did it get inside you."

Lydia remained silent as she watched Derek take away some of Cora's pain and spoke with her in a low voice.  She was still shocked by how he was acting.  She has never seen him like this before, but she supposed that when you barely had anyone left to love you would do anything to hold onto the things you do love which is probably what Derek was trying to do at this very moment, hold onto Cora.

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