The Twilight Saga

Catherine is a doctor  and she works with Carlisle. No one knows she's a wolf. she grows close with a young doctor named Peter, who she imprints on. One day she's checking on her patients when a 3 year old girl named Destiny, Desi for short comes into the hospital. she doesn't speak right away, but over time Catherine gets her to speak. what happens for the three of them?

Catherine me


Peter- Natyna

Desi- Chloe

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can I be Desi?

sure. shall we?

we shall by the way,Natyna  asked if she could be Peter?

indeed she can

okay ill tell her.

thank you 

can you add people


ok but tell me the guidelines dont wanna change the idea of your story

like can their be another wolf or kids added

what kiada character did you have in mind


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