The Twilight Saga

Anyone want to make a Rp with me? Im up for suggestions ! :)

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I have a idea if you want to hear it (:

I dunno what it will be, but I want to join. :)

Ooh if I like it I'll join!

Yes i would love to hear your idea Warrior!

Okay so it take place after the new born army. This one girl was a part of it but her gift is that she has no scent but Alec finds her and he takes her and hey leave the volturi and they start ther own coven which stats a war with the volturi

Sorry if it sucks

Yeah i like that idea!, is the war going to be like the war in Breaking Dawn, do the Cullens and Werewolf's get involved?

Yeah they do

I like it! Lets do it!! 

Okay! Let me get to my laptop and ill make it!


Ducky and Amanda do yall want to jon as well?

Idk yet! If I do, I'll join tmrw cause I'm on my phone, not my laptop right now


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