The Twilight Saga

"our love is not possible"
A hybrid vampire is all set to attack Mystic falls. He has army of vampires.His army name is Black. He is living in mystic falls and is waiting for his wizard freind to help him start his invasion. Will something happen in between this?
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Iris Waters/19/human/not Black/Daniel Morel/The pretty girl with a scrapbook of fancy last wishes hands out homilies to the ruthless hit-man. The lady aims to pulling him out of the darkness that Daniel wallows in. she is the best freind of Stefan and everyone loves her company. She is dying but that's a secret. p/b-open

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Vannessa Hughes/19/vampire/not black/Paul Watson/She is blind by birth. rest bio will be discovered in rp /p.b-open

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Daniel Morel/20/hybrid vampire/Black Leader/Iris/His mother was killed in front of his eyes. He was only of ten years old his father came to him after he got the news. He saw his father first time but he accepted him and loved him. His father taught him fighting and wrong things. He grew up in hate. His life turns when he sees a weird girl, who is always helping others...p.b-me

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Paul Watson/19/vampire/black/Vannesa Hughes/He was born human and was loved by everyone but his father killed his mother and was coming to kill him, he did not knew why his father was doing this and he collided with Daniel. Daniel killed his father but Paul was badly injured in order to save him, he turned him into a vampire. He deeply loves Daniel and is a important part of Black as he can control some elements of earth. He loves to play guitar and he plays it whenever he is alone. p.b-open

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Rp is ready the bios are lovely....
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Iris and Paul



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