The Twilight Saga

Dear ________,

You have been accepted into Blackthorn Academy for Supernatural Creatures. This school is all about welcome every supernatural creature there is in the world. We are very excited to have you join in and be part of our magnificent school. We can't wait to see you on the first day!

Headmistress Kirvoa


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Ariella Pierce || Sammi || 17 || Wolf || Blake Lively || Carter ||

Ariella is a bright young soul. She can be a little judgmental when you first meet her, but that is how she was raised, to always be on guard and be careful on who you trust. She has been going to the school since forever, its the only place she knows other than her pack. She can be a sweet and loving, but she is also protective and is always there for her friends. She comes from a rather wealthy family, them being the alpha of their pack. They sent her to the school here because it had a better education then what they had at home. She is sweet and just loves to have fun and she is a total sports finatic and loves playing any sports. She's never really had a relationship, always looking for the one.

Adrian Ivashkov || Sammi || 18 || Moroi || Colton Haynes || TBA ||

Adrian comes from a royal family in Romania and his English is perfect, but he does have a slight accent. He is a jock, and he is artistic. Adrian loves to play sports and then in his free time he also loves to paint, anything really. His family supports him in no matter what he does. He can be really charming, or really mean, it depends on how you treat him. If you treat him poorly you will get treated poorly. Overall though he is usually nice to everyone he meets and is very polite. He can be hard headed and have trust issues but he makes it up by being very caring and romantic. He loves being at the school and having some time away from his family.

Madison "Maddie" Bryce || Ellie || Seventeen || Wolf || Indianna Evans || Adrian ||

Maddie maddie madie..what can be said about her..her parents left when she was really young. She started going to school, just after she started turning into a wolf which was around when she was 12 years old. Her overall personality is, she can be very sarcastic, laid back, reliable, athletic, stubborn as a muse and bubbly. She is also very secretive and tries to keep to her self.

Ryder Davis || Ellie || Eighteen || Werewolf || Connor Jessup || TBA ||

Up until coming to the school, Ryder has no memories of his past leading up until he was 10. When he came to the school 8 years ago. Everything is a blur. He didn't know his name so they just gave him a name. Overall personlity, he is a happy go lucky guy, he is very laid back, and funny. Can be protective at times. He is also, never seen without his camera. He is an avid photographer.

 Artemis Zephyr Roth || Paper Towns || 17 || Half Demon || IDK || TBA ||

Artemis grew up with her father and sister, her mom was in jail and didn't return until she was fourteen. Her father, who was a demon, trained her to kill and use her powers for evil. She never wanted to be evil or do bad things. When she was nine her sister ran away, leaving her with her father who just continued to train her. After her mom returned, her father left. Two years later her father came back and killed Artemis's mother. After that Artemis got out and swore to avenge her mother, by being good and helping people.

Garfield Logan || Paper Towns || 18 || Shapeshifter || Tom Felton || TBA

Garfield moved around a lot as a child with her mother and father, who were scientists. Most of his life they stayed in Africa. That's where Gar learned he was a shapeshifter. He would study the animals, and find himself turning into them. His parents were both killed in a boating accident, which Gar still blames himself for. Instead of saving them, he shifted into a bird and flew away to save himself. This happened eight years ago. Garfield is now at the academy, and has been living here since he was twelve.

Danielle "Dani" Johnson || Perry the Platypus || 17 || Vampire || Shailene Woodley || Jeremy ||

Dani has been going to the school ever since she was changed which was about 5 years ago. She has siren powers and can make people do what she wants if she talks in a special musical-like voice. She tends to be quiet because she doesnt like using her power all that much. She is pretty focused on school but she does love to party. When she parties she is completely different and outgoing and the opposite of who she is at school. She is very smart.

Mason Williams || Perry the Platypus || 17 || Wolfie || Zac Efron || TBA ||

Mason is very arrogant and cocky but fun to be around. He is a ladies man and a charmer. This is all just a wall that he puts up because he was hurt before and he doesnt want to be hurt again. If he lets you in then you will find that he is actually kind, sweet and loving. He has quite a big temper. He has been at the academy ever since he changed which was when he was 13.

Arlette Blake|| NeverlandGiant || 18 || Leprechaun || Cher Lloyd || Garfield ||

Arlette is that girl EVERYONE knows. She's been at the academy for 5 years. Arlette is quite the personality. She is full of random, useless facts. She's hard to keep up with, sarcastic, blunt and flighty. People always say she brings out the best in people. She talks A LOT and her thick Irish accent can be recognized anywhere. As a leprechaun, she has the ability to create forcefields that protect against physical and mental attacks. It originates from a long time ago when leprechauns guarded gold. Arlette is really short and has pointed ears. She HATES being mistaken as an elf and will quickly correct you. Her parents put an unbelievable amount of pressure on her to the point where she doesn't care about school anymore.

Carter Evans || NeverlandGiant|| 18 || Werewolf || Nicholas Holt || TBD ||

Carter is the class clown. He is full of cheesy, hilarious, and lame jokes that make you HaHa real sarcastically but you actually love em. He hates seeing people upset and will try his hardest to get a smile out of you. If you're in the least upset, you go to Carter because he'll make you laugh. He is a gentleman and known for being really romantic. He is the type to plan cute dates and be that boyfriend who treats his girlfriend like a princess. He's been going to the academy since he was 12 after his adoptive parents found out he was a werewolf. They're terrified of him even though he is gentle. He sometimes wishes he could find his real parents.

 Felicity Sommers || astrid || Sixteen || Mermaid || Bethany Mota || TBD ||
There's more to Liss than meets the eye, especially in a world when things aren't what they seem. Up until she was fourteen, her mother wouldn't let her anywhere near water, aside from being in the shower. Since her mum told her that her dad drowned, she never thought anything of it. But, she fell into a pool at a party once, and panicked, especially when her legs started seizing up and she couldn't move. She blacked out, and then woke up later in the backseat of a car, and her mom explained everything to her. Felicity is almost annoyingly optimistic, constantly smiling; never letting people see her at her most vulnerable. She's tall and thin, and surprisingly graceful. She's really bad at singing, but still likes music, at least listening to it. She was a gymnast and a dancer, up until she arrived at Blackthorn, though she spends most of her time swimming. She can control water, but only grows a tail when she's in water from the waist down, so if you throw water on her, she won't fall over, she'll just get really angry and probably punch you in the throat. She's not normally a violent person, but is a little bit sensitive about being a mermaid, and doesn't take jokes, or being made fun of well. She's friendly, but not in a fake way, just in a sort of nicer way. 

Jeremy Sandler || astrid || Eighteen || Necromancer || Fransisco Lachowski || TBD ||
Jeremy is probably the most sarcastic person you can meet, and sometimes that pushes people away from him, and he doesn't like to think about it as a defense mechanism, but it kind of is. His mom was murdered one night when he was six, after leaving work, and his dad blamed himself, so he disappeared for two years. Jere and his dad were never close, he had nannies and maids to take care of him, but their relationship deteriorated. When his dad returned, Jeremy started having nightmares; all of them involving his mother. He told his dad about one, but his dad just sent him to counseling, and he learned to pretend it was just grief, that he understood, so he could get out of the stupid meetings. When he turned fourteen, he started seeing ghosts. It started with seeing things that other people couldn't see, then having conversations with the ghosts that he thought were real, until his father decided he was crazy. He spent three years in an asylum, half of the time so drugged he couldn't remember his name, until he met a doctor, who not only believed him, but said there was a school for people like him. So, he went.  Mia Havlin || Paige Marie Barnes || 18 || Witch || Kendall Jenner || Mason

Mia is just a girl trying to live her life. She loves friends and she never likes being home. Her mom and dad divorced when she was 10 she hates going too either house because they don't care anymore. Since she realized she was a witch she loves to use her powers which is freezing or blowing things up. She broke up with her boyfriend after two years because she didn't think he could handle the truth about her. She goes out and parties and likes a lot of different boys because shes scared to date people now. But all she would like is a normal family and a normal relationship. Shes gone to the school for two years now.

Matthew "Matt" Berringer || Paige Marie Barnes || 17 || Wolf || idk || TBA

Matt is a typical boy. Loves girls, hates school, sports and since hes a wolf it makes it better just because hes strong and fast. HIs family is big they are rich and dont know anything about Matt they think his school is a boarding school that he suggested, He loves hanging with his friends. Hes had a pretty easy going life. Would he change some things yes can he no. So he lives life to the fullest.

Scout McAlister || S t e l l a™ || Eighteen || Skinwalker || Scout Taylor - Compton || TBD

Scout is a stubborn girl who always speaks her mind which often gets her into trouble. She is originally from England, but recently moved to the states with her parents. Scout had no idea what she was until she turned thirteen. That's when Scout's grandparents told her the history of there family. Scout is a skinwalker. Skinwalkers are kind of a mix between werewolf and shapeshifters. They shift into an animal. Scout has the ability to shift into a cheetah. After that Scout did as much research about skinwalkers as she could. Besides her family, Scout has never met another skinwalker. She takes the opportunity to go to Blackthorn Academy in hopes of making new friends and meeting others like her. 

Noah Orion || S t e l l a™ || Seventeen || Phoenix || Colin Ford || TBD 

Noah is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. He's shy and a little socially awkward, but once you get to know him, he comes out of his shell. Noah was raised by his mother. She taught him everything she could. The only things she couldn't teach him was about himself. Noah is a phoenix which is a gene he inherited from his father. His father died when he was young and so Noah never really knew who he was. He doesn't know how to control his abilities. Right now his abilities are controlled by emotion. Noah can control, manipulate or create fire. He can pretty much do anything involving fire. His mother sends him to Blackthorn Academy in hopes that someone can help him control his abilities.

Erin Cart || 16  || Werewolf || Nina Nesbitt || Ryder Davis ||

 She is one of the most shyest girl you'd ever meet but she's very caring nice. But if any one

messes with her friends or family she get a temper.

Jake Cart ||18 || Werewolf || Matt Prokop || TBA ||

He's very protective but can easy get mad, he is Erin's big brother and sense their mom died

they have been closer then ever.

Ryder Konstantino Nikolas || Jenny<3's U || 17 || Werewolf || Sean O'Donne || TBD ||

Ryder never leaves anywhere without his camera, unless he is forced to. He just love capturing moments. He's very sociable and talks to almost everyone. From the cleaners, teachers, Werewolfs, skinwalkers, mermaids, and even the iunknown. His presence brings joy to other people. He loves helping others and the word 'no' doesn't belong in his dictionary. He is sometimes too nice, but he makes sure no one takes advantage of his kindness. His father is an alpha werewolf, meaning he have an alpha blood in him. This makes him stronger than most wolves, his age. He can be extremely flirty, when he wants to. He doesn't like to lead girls on. If he really likes you, he'll say so. He is extremely loyal whenever in a relationship. He treats his girlfriends and even close friends like princesses. He can be a tad bit too protective, but that's just because of his alpha blood.

Consuela Bernadette Rose || Jenny<3's U || Seventeen || Werewolf || Dakota Rose || TBD ||

Consuela just simply hates her life. In the eyes of others, she have the perfect everything. Good looks, wealth and friends. However that's not the case. Her whole life has been nothing, but a misery to her. At the age of 15, her whole family got killed in a fatal car accident. She was the only one who made out alive. Her father used to be the owner of the largest wine industry all over the world. After the death of her parents, she inherit all of their wealth, making her a billionaire at the age of 15. She should be happy, but she wasn't. Her uncle took her in. At first, everyone was nice to her and treats her like a fragile glass. After a year of staying with her uncle, his wife passed away. Her uncle took out all of his anger towards her. She was mentally and physically abused. Consuela was beaten, without fail, every single day. Everyone in the family hated her. She was not given any food, only the ones which she managed to sneak into her room. Her mate, which happens to be her uncles, son, rejected her. Due to all this, she suffers from a severe case of depression. She might not show it, but she is suffering inside. She doesn't open up to people very easily and it's very hard to break down her barriers. At the age of 17, she got the letter of acceptance from blackthorn academy. That was the best day of her life. She begged her uncle to let her go. He allowed her, but under the condition, of not coming back to his house ever again. She was more than happy to leave.



Boy & Girl Please

15-18 Ages

Ask for crushes don't just assume you can

Don't make role play all about you.

At least 2-3 lines. 

Don't play god, you can't make other people do things without their consent. 

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No I haven't seen her recently
I'm gonna do a time skip and make it the end of the day.
Dani walked back to her locker after second period. She put away one of her books before grabbing out the one that she needed for her next class. She shuffled it onto her arms and shut her locker. She walked down the hall to her third period class.

Mason stood around in the hallway being lazy. He didn't want to go to his next class. School wasn't his favorite thing and he didn't exactly want to be here. Finally he sombered his way down the hall to where his next class would take place.
Time skipping!

Ariella yawned walking out of her last class. "Freedom!" She shouted and spun around in the courtyard. She smiled and looked around waiting for Carter. "Oh carter where are you!" She shouted looking around biting her lip. She turned her head and sighed not seeing him and sat down in the grass her dress fanning out around her.

Adrian walked out of his 8th period smiling he had finished all of his homework and now he could do whatever he wanted. Seeing Maddie he walked up to her putting his arm around her shoulder. "Hey Maddie did you want to hang out today." He asked her raising an eyebrow

She walks out of her English class and walks out to the main courtyard looking around for her friends, she also looks for Andy, when she sees him, she walks over and smiles to him, "Hey Andy, wanna go for a walk?" She asks smiling sweetly.


Shay walks out of his last class and goes to his dorm to put his stuff away. He sets his stuff on the bed and then walks back out towards the main courtyard. He sees Mia and jogs over to her and smiles, "Hey Mia, what's up?" He walks next to her smiling, looking over at her waiting for her to speak.

She smiles and places her hands in the back pockets of her floral jeans. She walks alongside him and looks over at him, "where do you want to go?" She asks then looks down again trying her best not to trip on fall in her heels ad embarrass herself. She takes her hand out of her pocket and takes a section of hair and puts it behind her left ear. She looks over at him and smiles waiting for answer, putting her hand back into her back pockets, continuing to walk.
Carter snuck up behind her and covered her eyes. "Boo!" He yelled with a laugh. He grinned when he made her jump. He sat down next to her and put his bag in front of him "youd think on the first day they wouldn't give out a ton of homework" he groaned. He looked at Ari. "How was theater?" He asked with a grin

im sorry i wasnt on but im on now.


Mia she walked out of her class she was happy that her day was over. She smiled as she saw Shay walk up next to her. "Hi Shay" she smiled "Nothing much about to maybe go on a run or do something you?" she asked him


Matt he walked out of his last class and went back to his dorm he put everything on his desk and walked outside. He saw Adrian hitting on Maddie. Then saw Shay and Mia. Of course then last but not least he saw Carter with Ari great just what he wanted to see.


He smiles and nods slightly, "I might go for a little stroll through campus, or go workout or something." He smiles, "Or we could go do something together?" He asks kind of hopeful she'll want to.

Ariella laughed shaking her head. "Easy I got all my homework done so I'm homework free even math." She gloated smiling at him and laid her head down in his lap looking up in the sky and smiled. "I can help you but how was law?" She asked him raising an eyebrow as she looked up at him memorizing his face.

Adrian chuckled, "Good tomorrow you me date I'll pick you up at 8." He told her smiling and walked with her. "I'm going to go catch up with Matt I'll see you later." He said and hugged her walking up to Matt, "Hey dude how are you doing?" He asked her quietly smiling


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