The Twilight Saga

This is about high school life. Learning to juggle school, jobs, relationships, best friends, family, enemies, and everything else teenagers deal with. It's even harder when some aren't even human.


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-- Characters --


Haven Holliday

|| Seventeen || Junior || Single || Vampire || With You x   ||

|| She's very blunt and in your face. She says what is on her mind, no matter what it is. She doesn't really care that much about the consequences of her actions and words. However, she can be a sweetheart when she wants to be. Her parents are really rich, so she's pretty spoiled. Nathan is her ex-boyfriend, so she doesn't like Sherry. ||



Nathan Williams

|| Eighteen || Senior || Dating Sherry || Werewolf || ™ Warrior ||

|| He's a sweetheart. He's very caring and protective of the ones he's close to. He goes out of his way to be nice to everyone. He plays guitar, writes songs, and sings a little bit. He never sings in front of anyone, except Sherry. He broke up with Haven a year ago because she was too high-maintenance for him. ||



Sherry Lovato

|| Seventeen || Junior || Dating Nathan || Human || PerciphonyAnne;)™  ||

|| She's one of the most popular girls in school, but not because she's mean. She's actually very sweet and nice to everyone. She's friends with just about everyone. She's a cheerleader, but isn't snobby, like most cheerleaders at their school. She wants to become a singer when she's older, so she's interning at a record company. ||



Austin Roy

|| Eighteen || Senior || Single || Werewolf || Tayla Preston ||

|| He's a big player. He's never had a serious girl friend, he just hooks up with random girls. And that doesn't bother him, he thinks it's fun and much better than being attached to someone. He's one of the popular jocks, as he plays football. He wants to either go to college for acting/drama or sports. His dream is to be a famous actor. ||



Sierra Roy

|| Sixteen || Sophomore || Single || Human || Perry the Platypus ||

|| She's rather shy and quiet, she keeps to her small group of friends. She's Austin's little sister, so everyone looks down on her. She's really smart, one of the brightest in her class. She's really into fashion, and her dream career is to be a fashion designed or stylist. She has the biggest crush ever on Caleb. ||



 Caleb Jones

|| Seventeen || Junior || Single || Werewolf ||»нσмεʟαηd™  ||

|| He's one of the jocks, he plays football. He's not rude and a player, like most jocks at their school. He's actually really nice to people, and isn't rude. He's very smart, making the best grades in the entire junior class. No one knows, but he's really into music. He sings. He has a little bit of a crush on Sierra. ||



Makenzie Simmons

|| Seventeen || Junior || Dating Carter || Human || ™ Warrior ||

|| She's the head cheerleader. She's probably the most popular girl in school, but she isn't snobby. She a big sweetheart, and goes out of her way to be friends with everyone. Her and Carter have been dating for two years now. Their relationship is getting pretty serious. She loves dancing, and wants to be a dancer when she's older. ||



Carter Wilson

|| Eighteen || Senior || Dating Makenzie || Werewolf ||  Perry the Platypus ||

|| He's a jock, he plays football and basketball. He's very into his school work, because he wants to get into a good college. He doesn't go to very many parties, because he wants to keep a good reputation. His relationship with Makenzie means a lot to him, it's pretty serious. He's very nice to everyone. He's a gentleman. ||



Abby Wilson

|| Eighteen || Senior || Dating Tyler || Human || ♚♡MCRforever♡♚  ||

|| She's the co-head cheerleader. Makenzie is one of her very best friends. She has more of a quiet, shy, reserved personality. Until she's at cheerleading practice or a game, then she's energized, loud, and happy. Cheerleading means everything to her. She wants to be a competitive cheerleader one day. She's Carter's twin sister. ||



Tyler Blackwood

|| Eighteen || Senior || Dating Abby || Human || With You x   ||

|| He's a football jock, too. He's quiet, compared to his friends. So him and Abby work really well together. They've been dating for about 6 months. Nathan is his best friend, they're almost always hanging out together. He's really into music. He wants to be a music producer one day, so he's interning at a record label with Sherry. ||



Kayleigh Pierson

|| Seventeen || Junior || Single || Vampire ||Tayla Preston  ||

|| Her and Haven are best friends. Their personalities are almost exactly the same. She's also spoiled by her mom and step-dad. She's a huge flirt, and hooks up with guys all the time. She doesn't care about her reputation. She thinks her and Haven run the school, when they really don't. She has her eyes set stealing Cater from Makenzie. ||


Xander Collins

|| Eighteen || Senior || Single || Vampire || PerciphonyAnne;)™ ||

|| He's an outcast and a loner. He has very few friends. He always keeps to himself and sits alone in class and at lunch. He's into poetry and writing songs. He sings a little bit too. He is madly in love with Jadalyn. Him and her have been secretly hooking up/having a relationship even though she's dating Ryan. ||



Jadalyn Cubellis

|| Sixteen || Sophomore || Dating Ryan || Vampire ||  Sylvanna  ||

|| She's an actress. She's in the schools' drama club, and is almost always the lead actress role. She's very passionate about it, and she wants to work on Broadway one day. That's her life goal. Her and Ryan have been dating for two years, and she isn't happy anymore. So, she's been cheating on him with Xander. She won't break up with him because she doesn't want to hurt him. ||



Ryan Andrews

|| Seventeen || Junior || Dating Jadalyn || Human || ♚♡MCRforever♡♚  ||

|| He's a very musical person. He sings, plays guitar, and can play the piano. He occasionally writes songs, but not very often. He's in love with Jadalyn, she means a lot to him. He takes their relationship very seriously. He's heard rumors about her cheating on him, but knows she would never ever do that to him. ||



Kendyl Price

|| Sixteen || Sophomore || Dating Louis || Human ||»нσмεʟαηd™  ||

|| She's a bubbly, outgoing, and adorable girl. She's almost always hyper, and is always laughing. She laughs at just about everything. She's just a genuinely happy person. She's sweet to everyone, and is friends with just about everyone. Sierra is her absolute best friend. They're like sister. Her parents don't approve of her relationship with Louis. ||



Louis Stephens

|| Eighteen || Senior || Dating Kendyl || Human ||  Sylvanna  ||

|| He's the class clown. He's always going out of his way to make people smile and laugh. He's not very into sports, but does play basketball. He only plays to keep his parents happy. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up, so he wants to get into a really good school. He works hard to keep his grades up. ||

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