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Nina Waters was born deaf. She always lived in and around San Francisco, CA. After almost getting hit by a car while walking to school, her mother finally decided it was time to move to a safer location. Mrs. Waters chooses La Push, Washington: a small Native American reservation where she was offered a job at the Nature and Wildlife Center. Will Nina find a place among the loud shape shifting wolves, or will she be lost to the silence she was born in to?

*Set Post-Breaking Dawn, but ages are flexible and Cullens not involved*

1. Make a boy and a girl, preferably canon boys before OC boys

     Edit: You don't need to make a boy AND a girl. You can make only 1 if you so choose, but then          accept that there will be single people in this RP. That's fine...there are single people in real life too

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4. Enjoy! 

Characters (Any not listed are open and OCs are welcome)

Nina Waters

Age: 18

Pairing: Embry Call

Species: Human

P/B: Koko

Seth Clearwater

Age: 16/17

Pairing: Danielle Tyler

Species: Wolf

P/B: Koko

Embry Call

Age: 17

Pairing: Nina Waters



Danielle Tyler

Age: 17

Pairing: Seth Clearwater



Katerina Petrova ( Katherine Pierce)

Age: 19/500

Pairing: Paul Lahote

Species: Vampire (Red Eyed)

P/B: Faith Lehane

Yelena Petrova ( Elena Pierce)

Age: 19/500

Pairing: TBA

Species:Vampire ( Golden Eyed)

P/B:Faith Lehane

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I'm here! :D

Cool! Shall we start? I've got one final today in about four hours and then I've got to get on the train (which has wifi!) and then I'm gone for the rest of the day cuz I've got to get on a plane -_- but I'll be around. 

Nina sighed as she smoothed down her sheets one last time. She had just finished unpacking her new room. It was pretty neutral because she hadn't done any decorating yet. The walls were covered in a soft lavender color, while the carpet was a rich purple. Her large queen bed was situated in the middle of the room, pink ruffled sheets already on and ready to be snuggled in. She dashed down the stairs two at a time, anxious to get out of the house before dinner and tapped on the counter to get her mom's attention. 

Can I go to First Beach? she signed. Her mom smiled and nodded before quickly signing Take the dog, please. Nina rolled her eyes. She took her dog, Sawyer, with her everywhere, but of course her mom was just being overcautious. She whistled, the only auditory skill she had mastered, for Sawyer to come and quickly put his leash on him before heading out and down the road to the beach. It was only a couple blocks and she was there in no time, with Sawyer pulling her all the way. When she got there she took a seat in the sand, enjoying the view of the ocean even if it was drizzling lightly. She didn't know what the ocean sounded like, but sometimes she put shells up to her ear to hear anyway.


Seth was the first out the door when the bell rang, knowing that his pack brothers were already headed to the beach to play some ball before the bonfire. It was a Friday night, after all, and they hadn't had a bonfire in a while. He took off at full speed toward First Beach as soon as he was cleared of all the students trying to get to their lockers and cars and other after school destinations. He sent a text to Embry the as he ran, wanting to make sure none of the plans were canceled.

Embry! We still on for some ball @ the beach? 


(Yes, sure :D)

Embry- The mechanic class have been over, I ran out of the classroom as soon as bell rang, I walked towards the locker picking the rest of my books and walked towards my bike as I recieved text, I pulled out phone out of my jacket as I read it, I smiled at Seth's text and typed quickly and sent it than I started the engine of the bike and droved off towards the First Beach.

Sure, I am on my way there. I'll meet you in 20 minutes @ the First Beach!


Danielle- I was working in a small local shop which was owned by Quil Ateara Sr., he pretty much offered me the job the first day I came in his shop and seen the note on the glass that he is looking for a workers, ever since I started working in here I really felt welcomed. In middle of afternoon few customers arrived and I helped them in anything I could. It was exactly a time for my break I excused myself to Mr. Ateara and I walked down the street to grab something quickly to eat before I continued working.

Seth got Embry's text and happily whooped, finishing his run all the way to the beach. He joined a few of the guys that were already there, jumping to catch a stray ball but completely missing it. It headed straight for a girl sitting on the beach with her dog, being completely oblivious. "HEY WATCH OUT!" he called, but she didn't even look up. Her dog, a big black dog, began to bark before it reached up in the air and caught the ball. "Whoa cool," Seth smiled as he began to walk over. 

Nina's attention was caught by Sawyer jumping up to catch a football that had been flying through the air. She searched the beach and found a younger teenager jogging toward her with a smile. She raised an eyebrow, taking the ball from Sawyer and patting him on the head. Nina was born deaf, so she didn't know how to speak at all really, but she knew this stranger wouldn't understand sign language. She held up the ball and pointed at him with a questioning look.

Seth tilted his head as he got there. She looked angry and was pointing at him and the ball. "Uh yeah? That's my ball..." he answered in an unsure tone, reaching to grab the ball, but she held it back, slightly above her head. Seth didn't understand. He turned back to the other guys for help, seeing Embry just arrive.

Embry- I arrived there shortly on my bike I stopped it right on time as I seen what happened just before my very eyes, the car almost didn;t hit the girl. And the way she was motioning to Seth makes me think that he didn't understand the word what she said but I did. Been a son of a mother who works in hospital for deaf people kind of helps because whenever I could I come there and helped her communicating with them. I pat the girl gently,'What happened?' I signaled her with my hands. As soon as she turned her face to me, my whole world wrapped around her in this moment, like everything was perfect. The wolf inside me choose her as his just like my heart was. I knew what was happening and I couldn't be much happier.

Nina turned her eyes to the new boy that had walked up and immediately felt incredibly drawn to him. Surprisingly he signed to her and she glanced at the ball before signing back: Ball almost hit me. Need careful. 

Seth looked at Embry with realization in his eyes. She couldn't speak. "I'm sorry about that ball. I don't know who threw it but I didn't catch it," he told her, but she didn't appear to hear him. DUH. She's deaf. he thought to himself.

Embry- I looked towards Seth raised eyebrow,"She said that ball almost hit her, and to be careful next time." I told him, I turned around to face her again and sighed as I signaled her again,'I'm sorry for what happened. Are you okay?' I was making sure if she is really alright, I couldn't bear if my imprint was hurt because it would hurt me too.

I'm fine. Dog caught ball. Nina signed back to the handsome boy, once again patting Sawyer on the head affectionately. My name is Nina she signed, first spelling her name and then showing him her special name sign. What's your name?

Seth left the to of them with a smile and nod, heading over to everyone else.

Dani- I was returning back from the bakery shop when I spoted a guy running towards the beach with a bow, he seemed eager to play on which I chuckled."Cute..." I said for myself I slowly walked towards the beach I found a bench and began eating on my lunch I was really hungry.

Embry- I signed back to her with smile and signed her my name,'I am Embry, it's pleasure to meet you Nina. You mind if we take a walk down the beach?' I signed back eager to see her answer, I could careless if she couldn't hear me at least I could communicate with her through signs I smiled at her softly staring at her eyes.

Nina smiled widely before signing Not at all. How do you know how to sign?

Seth caught sight of a girl sitting alone on the beach, and being the friendly and outgoing person he was, he approached her instantly. He offered his hand with an easy smile. "Hi there! I'm Seth. DO you want to come hang out with us instead of sitting here all by your lonesome?"

Embry smiled at her question than explained by signing her again, My mother works with deaf people and I often would help her whenever I could I kind of wanted to do the same job anyway, so that's how I learned. I'm sorry for long you are like this? Embry asked her, wanting nothing much than to get to know her good he didn't care if she was deaf he could communicate to her like this.

Dani smiled softly towards the guy than furrowed her eyebrows how could he heard her when they were pretty much far away from each other, she brushed off her thoughts and grinned."Hi! I'm Danielle. Nice to meet you. Umm...I'd prefer to watch.." She told him with small smile."I am not...lonesome.." She mumbled under her breath.


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