The Twilight Saga

Nina Waters was born deaf. She always lived in and around San Francisco, CA. After almost getting hit by a car while walking to school, her mother finally decided it was time to move to a safer location. Mrs. Waters chooses La Push, Washington: a small Native American reservation where she was offered a job at the Nature and Wildlife Center. Will Nina find a place among the loud shape shifting wolves, or will she be lost to the silence she was born in to?

*Set Post-Breaking Dawn, but ages are flexible and Cullens not involved*

1. Make a boy and a girl, preferably canon boys before OC boys

     Edit: You don't need to make a boy AND a girl. You can make only 1 if you so choose, but then          accept that there will be single people in this RP. That's fine...there are single people in real life too

2. Follow site and group rules

3. Be reliable

4. Enjoy! 

Characters (Any not listed are open and OCs are welcome)

Nina Waters

Age: 18

Pairing: Embry Call

Species: Human

P/B: Koko

Seth Clearwater

Age: 16/17

Pairing: Danielle Tyler

Species: Wolf

P/B: Koko

Embry Call

Age: 17

Pairing: Nina Waters



Danielle Tyler

Age: 17

Pairing: Seth Clearwater



Katerina Petrova ( Katherine Pierce)

Age: 19/500

Pairing: Paul Lahote

Species: Vampire (Red Eyed)

P/B: Faith Lehane

Yelena Petrova ( Elena Pierce)

Age: 19/500

Pairing: TBA

Species:Vampire ( Golden Eyed)

P/B:Faith Lehane

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Nina thought before signing back with a smile, Sure I'd love to. 

Seth laughed before nodding. "Yeah my family has lived here forever must be not from around here," he said, sort of questioning since all of the locals knew each other.

Danielle smiled at his respond and nodded,"Yeah, it's true I am not from here, I moved out of her when I was little, I am half Quileute." She told him quietly."But I moved back here, I want some changes in my life. I am working currently over at Mr. Ateara's shop." She smiled.

Embry smiled at her as he offered his hand to her. I'll show you around if you want. He signaled her again with a grin.

((Yeah Paul hates vampires))

Ya, i know. But i do want one of my girls to be with someone, her personality suits pauls best, it wouldn't be quick, and it is also a roleplay. I dont need her to be with paul though. Im just saying)


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