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Maia Greenbrook had once been a normal girl, but she is different now and has been on her own for a very long time.  She has never settled in with a pack before, but what happens when she comes across a pack of wolves one night and the leader of the group decides to take her in for the time being?  Will Maia finally allow herself to feel at home in a pack or will she end up running again?

(plot is a work in progress)



Pack leader is open to play


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Maia Greenbrook was originally named Maryann Hale and she was born in the early fifties.  She grew up in a rich household and was pretty much spoiled by her parents, but was always a caring and loving daughter.  When she was around seventeen years old, she fell hard for a boy in her class and she soon ended up believing that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  He told her that he loved her and everything, but after they made love he up and left and she didn’t hear a word from him afterward, just that he went to live with some family in Canada.  Heartbroken, she withdrew into herself for a little bit, but two months after her first love left she found out she was pregnant.  At first, she tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, but her parents soon found out when she ran out of the dining room and got sick and they made her tell them if she had been involved with the boy who had left and she eventually told them that she did and that she was pregnant. Her mother didn’t take it as roughly as her father and Maryann could hear her parents’ arguing in the other room about whether or not they should send her away until she had the baby and to give the baby up for adoption.  She didn’t want to give her baby away, but knew that she was too young to raise a kid on her own so she just kept her thoughts to herself.  Eventually, she was sent to live with her grandparents in a little town named Forks, Washington, and lived there during the duration of her pregnancy.  Right before she gave birth, she was taking a stroll in the park near her grandparents’ home when she was attacked by an animal.  She had thought it was a wolf, but she couldn’t be sure.  All she knew was that next thing she knew she was waking up in the emergency room and tried to stay awake as she kept asking if her baby was alright.  Nobody would tell her anything and she ended up being put under while they delivered the baby via C-section.  When she came to after the delivery, she was informed that the animal attack was too much for her child and that it died while it was inside of her.  She didn’t want to believe them and ended up crying while her mother held her and her father just stood off to the side, not saying anything.


After that, she went back to live with her parents, but she wasn’t the same.  She didn’t care about the same things that she had before and the friends that she had had before she got pregnant basically ignored her when she got back.  On the next full moon, she found out that she was now a werewolf and knew that she couldn’t be around her parents especially since she might end up hurting them.  So, once her first full moon was over, she went back home, packed up her things, and left home permanently. That was when she began to go by the name Maia Greenbrook and told anyone that asked that she had decided to travel before starting college and kept her past a secret.


Every now and then, she would hang with children of the moon and even considered joining a pack or two, but none of them ever felt right so she just moved on. She is extremely good at keeping her past a secret, but sometimes cries in her sleep when she dreams about the baby she lost and of how her parents appeared that day.  When she is awake, she makes herself appear to be a relatively happy young woman that sometimes has an attitude if someone tries to talk about something she doesn’t want to talk about and she is protective of the few people she cares about, which is no one at the moment, but this is bound to change.  She is slightly afraid of falling in love since she doesn’t want to be hurt like she had been before and tends to keep people at a distance for a bit before deciding to let them in.  She has some control over her shifting, but it can become uncontrollable if she is experiencing high emotions.


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