The Twilight Saga

Time: Sometime after the end of the Twilight Series

Twilight Relation: Carlisle is Juliette's doctor (his "children" have graduated and gone to college)

Juliette (Jules) Summer just graduated high school (via homeschool), which is pretty impressive considering she has lived most of her childhood with Leukemia. Her family (don't care how many siblings or who they are or what their ages are) moves to Forks to be put under the care of the illustrious Carlisle Cullen. While she is in Forks, she pleads with her mother to stop spending money on medication that "might" work. When that fails, she starts to check things off her bucket list. Unfortunately some of those things are unattainable, or are they? Can she find true love? Can she do something death-defying in the rainy town of Forks, Washington? Will she ever have a normal girly-sleepover?

Characters are pretty much open ended so I guess it is a "create your character" but with a clear direction so it's not plot-less :)


 Juliette Summers

Age: 17

Species: Human


P/B: Eponine

Tucker Matthews

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Eponine

Lynn Tyler

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Clara

Anthony Mason





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Sweet :) Lets do this

Juliette sighed as she ran her fingers through her long red hair. It wouldn't stay like this for long. More than any of her other physical features, Jules loved her hair. The first time she'd lost it...she'd lost it all and she'd cried for days and days. It had grown to various lengths off and on through the years of her battle with cancer, but she'd been cancer free for a year and a half which is why it was so long now. The next day marked the end of that for her. A week ago she'd found out that the cancer was back and she was once again going to have to endure chemotherapy and more likely than not, lose all her precious hair. Juliette stared out the window of her new bedroom. Her mother had insisted they come to Forks, Washington to be treated by the prestigious Dr. Carlisle Cullen, but Juliette was done. She was done having to be poked and prodded. She just wanted to live the rest of her life in peace. Dying used to be scary, but now it just seemed like relief. 

Her mother had gone all out again, though. Moved to a gorgeous new house, organized a house warming party to meet all the new neighbors, and set up a rigorous treatment schedule for her daughter. The money came from her father's trust fund. Her father had died of cancer in his late 70s and being his only child, Juliette's mother inherited a life's worth of savings and retirement. She used it now to pay for Juliette's medical bills. 

"Jules come on down! The guests are going to be arriving soon!" her mother called. Juliette rolled her eyes, but joined her mom in the kitchen in silence, snacking from bowls of food while her mother wasn't looking.

Tucker followed his mother up the walkway of the new house. He wasn't all that excited to be going to a housewarming party for a bunch of strangers, but his parents had met the new family a few weeks ago when they'd bought the house and he was no roped into attending a party for the whole neighborhood. He stuck his hands in his pocket and shook out his hair, groaning as his mother fussed over his wrinkled button up shirt.

Lynn held a tiny gift in her hands. It wasn't much, but that's all she could afford from work at the moment. Her pay has been cut every other week and she was on the urge of looking for another job. A job that could actually support her and move out of the house she was living in. She hated it. She looked at her step-brother Anthony, who had a slightly larger gif then hers. He was worth living in the house with her drunk mom and abusive step-dad.

Anthony smiled down at Lynn. He patted her head when she looked up at him after he shifted the gift from one arm to another. It was a 15 minute to the new neighbors house. Anthony accepted the invite when the mother came over with invites. He barely ever went to parties and most of them were boring. "This better not be a boring party like all the others." He told Lynn and laughed. He felt a light punching and a small shut up Anthony. He could here the giggle in her voice.

When Tucker's parents rang the doorbell, it was opened almost immediately by a middle age woman, who he was assuming was the mother of the family.

"Oh welcome!" she smiled, shaking hands with his parents and then eventually with him too. "I'm Mrs. Summers, but please call me Kathy. Welcome to our home. We're so glad you could make it. This is my husband Dan and my daughter Juliette," she told them, gesturing to a tall redhead man and a fair skinned, red headed girl that looked about his own age. She was very pretty, but seemed to be moping around. She offered him a small smile as the doorbell rang again before turning to open the door and welcome the new guests. Tucker hung behind his parents as they spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Summers. He couldn't wait till it was time to go to college and get out of Forks. He had to survive this last summer at home, though. Maybe new friends would make it better.

Jules opened the door to let in the next family, a young couple with a baby and quickly introduced them to her parents. As she was about to close the door, she caught sight of two more guests making their way down the block. They both looked to be about her age, with no parents in sight. She waited patiently for them, leaning against the store and fixing the wrinkles in the skirt her mother had forced her to wear. Normally she liked dressing up, but she really just wanted to lounge in sweats today.

Lynn rolled her eyes at Anthony as they reached the door. She smiled at the girl who had the door open. "Welcome to the neighborhood." She held out the small package before she entered the house. She smiled at the older woman who came to greet them. She took the mother's hand and shook it and walked into the rather larger family room. She felt Anthony slightly slap her upside the side playfully. She frowned at him and poke his chest.

Anthony followed his sister into the house handing the present to the girl. She was very pretty and it looked like she didn't want to be a part of this party. He walked up behind his sister and noticed her staring. Anthony very gently slapped her upside the head. It was his promise to her that when she starts staring at something, he would snap her out of it. He gave her a big old silly grin when she turned to him and poked him in the chest.

"Jules it's time to mingle! Make new friends," her mother whispered with a smile. Jules huffed but nodded, branching out to the two younger people who had just arrived.

"Um hi. I'm Juliette," she said awkwardly. She'd spent a chunk of her childhood in and out of hospitals and had been homeschooled since she'd initially gotten cancer. Safe to say, socialization was not her specialty.

Tucker recognized a couple people from his graduating class and made his way over to Anthony, who had been a good friend of his during high school. "Hey man long time no see, huh?" He grinned.

Anthony held out his hand."Hey, bro. How's life treating you?" He grinned back at his old friend as Tucker walked over to him.

Lynn smiled at Juliette."I'm Lynn. Nice to meet you." She held her hand as she talked. She could tell that the girl was little shy and new at the whole social scene.

Tucker laughed, shaking Anthony's hand. "Oh you know, torture while we wait for college. Hey I'm Tucker," he smiled at Juliette as well and then held his hands out for Anthony's sister...Lynn he thought.

Juliette smiled and nodded at Tucker and Lynn. "Nice to meet you guys too. So I'm guessing you all graduated this past June too?" she asked. It was getting chillier with the door open so she pulled her sweater tighter around herself, rubbing her arms. 

Lynn nodded at Juliette and shook Tucker's hand."Nice to see you again Tucker." She gave a quick smile. "Where are you going to collage Tucker?" She asked.

Anthony nodded and chuckled at Tucker's remark and looked at the girl. "I'm Anthony." He gave her a cheesy smile. "Yea we have." He noticed her shiver a little bit."You look cold. Mind if I shut the door?"

Tucker turned his attention to Lynn. He'd forgotten about her being Anthony's sister. She'd always been the little sister, but now he was seeing her in a new light. They weren't all high school students anymore. "University of Washington. I didn't want to stay so close, but they have a good program for what I want and I got a scholarship," he informed her. "How about you guys?"

Jules shook her head with a smile. "No I think almost everyone is here. It can be shut," she answered. "And uhh I'm not going to college. I was homeschooled so I didn't ever go to a real high school or apply to colleges or anything," she explained feeling a little awkward.

Lynn looked at Tucker. "I'm skipping collage for a while until I can earn enough so I don't have to go through debt." She said and looked at Juliette. "We can be non-collage bound buddies." She teased at Juliette trying to get her to laugh. Lynn had mixed feelings about what she said, but she was just seeing how she would react.

Anthony rolled his eyes at Lynn and her lame joke once he went to close the door. "Homeschooling? Was that fun?" He asked and looked over at Tucker. "Just community collage for a couple of semesters before transferring. Don't know where I'll be transferring too."

"Sounds good," Jules answered with a laugh. She was glad the situation hadn't remained too uncomfortable. She knew that people wouldn't exactly understand what she had gone through. "And it was definitely interesting. I didn't have much of a choice. We move a lot," she shrugged, trying to leave it at that. They seemed like nice kids, but she wasn't sure if she needed to unload her whole sad history on them just yet.

"Not a bad idea. I just don't think I could stand living with my parents for another two years. I am going to be completely in debt though, even with the scholarship. Ugh I'm not looking forward to that part for sure. Why'd you guys move HERE of all places?" Tucker asked Juliette. She bit her lip and decided not to lie.

"Uhm they have really good doctors at the hospital," she said simply.


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