The Twilight Saga

Time: Sometime after the end of the Twilight Series

Twilight Relation: Carlisle is Juliette's doctor (his "children" have graduated and gone to college)

Juliette (Jules) Summer just graduated high school (via homeschool), which is pretty impressive considering she has lived most of her childhood with Leukemia. Her family (don't care how many siblings or who they are or what their ages are) moves to Forks to be put under the care of the illustrious Carlisle Cullen. While she is in Forks, she pleads with her mother to stop spending money on medication that "might" work. When that fails, she starts to check things off her bucket list. Unfortunately some of those things are unattainable, or are they? Can she find true love? Can she do something death-defying in the rainy town of Forks, Washington? Will she ever have a normal girly-sleepover?

Characters are pretty much open ended so I guess it is a "create your character" but with a clear direction so it's not plot-less :)


 Juliette Summers

Age: 17

Species: Human


P/B: Eponine

Tucker Matthews

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Eponine

Lynn Tyler

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Clara

Anthony Mason





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Lynn just nodded at Juliette's statement."Probably one of the best. Why do you guys move a lot?" She asked a little bit curious. 

Anthony chuckled. "I'm only keeping an eye on Lynn so she doesn't get into trouble." He teased at his sister and rubbed the top of her head as she gave him the stink eye. He just chuckled and looked back at Juliette.

Juliette hesitated a little before deciding honesty, in a round about way, was the best policy. "I just get sick a lot so we look for better doctors and new environments. I'm honestly kind of done with the whole thing, but my mom can get pretty intense about it. My dad is happy to go along with what she wants and he works as an architect so he can really go anywhere with us. I've got no siblings to drag along. Are you guys brother and sister?" she asked, desperately trying to get the attention off of herself.

Tucker narrowed his eyes a bit. Her whole story seemed a little on the suspicious side. Moving around a lot? Needing to be near doctors? Either the girl was seriously ill or they were covering up something a lot more out of the ordinary. Still, she seemed like a nice enough girl so he kept his nose out of her business for the most part.

Lynn nodded."Technically step brother and sister, but still siblings. Did you ever tell your mom that you were done with the whole medical treatments?" She asked. She wasn't going to ask about the whole sickness thing since it probably was going to make her a little on edge. Lynn had a feeling that she was telling the whole truth but leaving out something major.

Anthony nodded."The last ten years." He chuckled. He just raised an eyebrow at Lynn and gave her a look that said she was asking questions that should be kept to herself. He looked over at Juliette."Sorry about her. She doesn't know when to shut up or not." He chuckled a bit when he felt a light slap on her arm.

Juliette smiled at the siblings banter. "That's really cool. I've always wanted to know what it was like to have siblings," she told them with a laugh.

"Hey you can have a few of mine. I've got three: two older, one younger who's at a sleepover tonight," Tucker told her with a groan. "She's the spoiled one being the baby and the only girl. My older brothers have set the expectations high for me so I'd gladly share one or two," he offered, careful to make sure his parents weren't around to hear him.

Juliette laughed outright, her full smile coming out for once. "That's okay I think I'll stick to being an only child," she stayed silent for a few moments before answering Lynn's original question. "I have, a few times, but it's not easy for my mom to admit I want to give up, so to speak. It's been like this my whole life, but I'm still her only daughter so I get why it freaks her out when I ask for it to stop. I just don't want to do it anymore," she sighed, sitting on the couch that was nearby. "I'm sorry that's really heavy stuff for a housewarming party," she apologized with a pathetic smile.

Lynn giggled and sat next to her. "Don't worry about. Sometimes heavy stuff lightens up the happiest of partys." She gave her a smile."You can take Anthony. Most of the time he's a pain in the butt." She heard a scoff from Anthony and she gave him a shut up and take it look.

Anthony rolled his eyes before chuckling. "Or you can take Lynn. She never knows how to keep her mouth shut when it comes to family stuff or she nudges her way into other people businesses." He chuckled a bit.

Jules shrugged with a soft smile. "Maybe you guys should just hang around more often. You can become my mom's replacement children. I'm sure she'd appreciate it," she joked and then bit her lip on just how bad that joke had really been. "Oh gosh I'm sorry you guys. I'm really bad at this," she apologized again.

"Don't sweat it... I don't think any of us are ever all that great at small talk," Tucker assured her before observing Lynn out of the corner of his eye.

Lynn gave her a strong smile. "Don't worry sweetie. You have a reason not to be all that great of socializing. You never had to chance with the homeschooling and the moving." She patted her shoulder for a minute. "It can be hard especially when you have a brother who won't stop following you around every time you go on a date."

Anthony just chuckled."But that's what brothers do. Protect." He chuckled again. He barely noticed Tucker observing Lynn, but he didn't mention it or bring it up. "I can tell you know Juliette, you'll going to be sick of the weather real soon. We rarely get some sun up here."

Tucker nodded in agreement. "Oh yeah, the weather is killer here man. And it's not going to be any better in any near radius. Maybe one day we can all go on a roadtrip to California and find some sun," Tucker suggested happily. He found it easy to hang out with this group of friends even though he hadn't been too close to Anthony in high school and had barely talked to Lynn and had literally just met Juliette.

"That's actually on my bucket list!" Jules smiled, sitting up straight with excitement. "That and doing something death-defying and a couple other things," she prattled on for a while.

Lynn nodded in agreement. "We should do it. I mean, we all have nothing to do for the summer." She added. "Who else gets the opportunity to go. And we could go do things that are on all of our bucket list and get out of the state. Why stop at Califorina when we go to all the other 50 states?"

Anthony grinned. "Not a bad idea. I think we should go for it. I'm pretty sure everyone is going to die of boredom here in Forks."

Jules got excited before she stopped and pouted. "I don't think that's going to work for me. A week in California is one thing but an entire summer all over the country is never going to fly with my mother. It literally wouldn't be able to happen. Maybe we can try a mini version?" she suggested, her spirits dampened. 

Tucker rubbed the back of his neck and pulled on his tie to loosen it. "Wait why is it different? You're eighteen aren't you? Really how much could your parents actually do?" he tried to lighten the mood a little, seeing everyone so glum.

"It's not really them as much as me," Jules sighed. "When I said I get sick a lot I meant cancer. I've had cancer on and off for a few years and it's back. That's why we came here so I could see the really great doctor you guys have. Unless by some miracle he has a new cure or something I'm stuck here for a while," she admitted. 

"Oh god I'm so sorry for even mentioning it," Tucker began to apologize profusely. Juliette shook her head with a smile.

"Like I said, it doesn't bother me like it used to. I've lived with it for so long now that it's just normal for me," she shrugged.

Lynn sighed and looked at Anthony and back at Juliette. "Maybe your mom needs a bit more convincing. Maybe once she knows you'll be friends, she'll let you do this."

Anthony nodded at his sister's remark. "I have to agree on that one. Most parents can't object to a road trip if they know they are in good hands."

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Juliette frowned, shaking her head. "Most parents don't have an eighteen year old daughter with cancer."

Tucker grinned mischievously. "Well most eighteen year olds with cancer don't have new friends like us. I don't know about you two, but I can be pretty convincing when I want to. I can turn my parents on our side too since they already want me out of the house," he raised his eyebrows in suggestion.

((That's okay, same here)) 


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