The Twilight Saga

Time: Sometime after the end of the Twilight Series

Twilight Relation: Carlisle is Juliette's doctor (his "children" have graduated and gone to college)

Juliette (Jules) Summer just graduated high school (via homeschool), which is pretty impressive considering she has lived most of her childhood with Leukemia. Her family (don't care how many siblings or who they are or what their ages are) moves to Forks to be put under the care of the illustrious Carlisle Cullen. While she is in Forks, she pleads with her mother to stop spending money on medication that "might" work. When that fails, she starts to check things off her bucket list. Unfortunately some of those things are unattainable, or are they? Can she find true love? Can she do something death-defying in the rainy town of Forks, Washington? Will she ever have a normal girly-sleepover?

Characters are pretty much open ended so I guess it is a "create your character" but with a clear direction so it's not plot-less :)


 Juliette Summers

Age: 17

Species: Human


P/B: Eponine

Tucker Matthews

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Eponine

Lynn Tyler

Age: 18


Species: Human

P/B: Clara

Anthony Mason





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Lynn shook her head at Tucker and laughed. "I'm pretty sure my parents won't care if they know where I'm going or not. Mostthe time they don't even bother to ask unless its going to the store, so I am all in on this road trip."

Anthony chuckled at Tucker then at his sister." Well lets go for it then. We'll leave Tucker with all of the convincing in the world." He grinned at his friend.

For the first time in a long time, Juliette was really excited. "Where would we go? What would we do? I've never been on a roadtrip! Are we gonna have to save up money or are we just gonna hobo it out all the way and like hitchhike and stuff?" she rambled excitedly. Tucker laughed, shaking his head.

"Let's convince our parents first," he said to Juliette specifically since Lynn and Anthony had seemed a bit sore on the subject. He wandered off to go talk to his parents while Juliette and Anthony and Lynn talked details.

Lynn nodded and looked at Juliette."What's first on your bucket list?" She asked her. She gave her a big grin and watched at Tucker walked off to talk to his parents. She felt Anthony's eyes on her and she just him  a shut up glare.

Anthony rolled his eyes at his sister and looked back at Juliette.


Name: Julia Rose Styles


Pairing: to be decided.

Species: Human.

P/B: Hermione

Hi! Please put your character in the Retry discussion since this one has kind of died. Also is there any way you could change her name since Julia is really close to Juliette?

Sorry I haven't been on. I've been really busy and dealing with a concussion

Juliette paused, biting her lip in thought. It was a habit she'd gotten from her mother, while tapping her fingers in rhythm was something inherited from her father. "Honestly I've always wanted to have one of those really stereotypical sleepovers like they show on the movies," she confessed with an embarrassed giggle. 

Tucker approached his parents, pulling his Dad away from a conversation knowing that he'd be more relaxed about a roadtrip. "Hey Dad you remember Lynn and Anthony from school, right? Well we were thinking it'd be really cool to take a road trip to celebrate our last summer before going to college and Juliette might want to come too. Do you think you could get Mom to agree to that?" he asked. His dad sat in thought for a while before smiling widely.

"Sure son, I think we could work on that," he agreed before continuing on with his conversation.


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