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You love couples on T.V shows and movies, how well they mix, and how they can be together with all the fake drama. Well coming soon is an all new reality T.V show starring the actors of your favorite T.V shows and movies! Stay tuned!


Yes, there is now a reality T.V show where the actual celebrity's must compete against others with their T.V and movie partner at their side. But what happens when the real celebrity's hate their T.V couple costar? And what happens when they fall for another celebrity?

p.s: most of the celebrity summary's are fake!! I made them up.

Twi relation: Carlise is the judge


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Meet the couples!!


Couple #1

Troian Bellisario

She plays Spencer Hastings on the ABC Family's hit series Pretty Little Liars

Will have a crush on: Ed


Keegan Allan

He plays Toby Cavanaugh ont he ABC Family's hit series Pretty Little Liars

Will have a crush on: Kristen


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Troian and Keegan seem to have great chemistery on set, but really they cannot stand each other. Keegan thinks Troian is a stuck up brat who doesn't deserve the fame she was given. Troian thinks that Keegan is just jealous. How are they going to compete together when they hate each other?


Couple #2

Leighton Meester

She played Blair Waldorf on the CW's hit series Gossip Girl

Will have a crush on: Rupert

p/b: ME


Ed Westwick

He played Chuck Bass on the CW's hit series Gossip Girl

Will have a crush on: Troian

p/b: Summer Love


On screen Ed and Leighton have a love hate romance that captures everyone's heart, but off the screen they only have a hate relationship. After Ed expressed his feelings for Leighton and she turned him down because she liked another costar Ed started spreading rumors about her on set. Now they are in a full on war.


Couple #3

Kristen Stewart

Played Bella Swan in the Twlight movies.

Will have a  crush on: Keegan


Robert Pattinson

He played Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies

Will have a crush on: Emma

P/b: ME


Robert and Kristen were once in love. That was until Kristen was caught cheating on Rob. They then broke up because Rob couldn't handle all of Kristen's lies, he doesn't like being around her and can't trust anything she says.


Couple #4

Emma Watson

She played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

Will have a crush on: Robert

p/b: Summer Love

Emma Watson, look so beautiful

Rupert Grint

He played Ron Weasly in the Harry Potter movies.

Will have a crush on: Leighton



After the last movie Rupert finally thought that he and Emma could be together. But when he confessed his feeling Emma said she didn't feel the same way, leaving Rupert heartbroken. After he had finally gotten over it Emma came to him and said that maybe she did have feelings for him, then went on a couple of dates and Rupert fell back in love with her. But after they kissed Emma told him that it was like kissing her brother. Rupert is now heartbroken and he won't even speak to Emma.






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Emma and Ed


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I'm sorry but now the person will be stuck with their own couple. Can you change one of them?

Oh haha I didn't realize that I will be Troian and Keegan then I guess

Kristen Stewart and 



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