The Twilight Saga

after brking dawn 2 Stephanie has decided for next part movie the bk is already released its name is         "Twilight Saga Crescent Moon " but problem is Robert and Kristen have broke how will they act but finally they have agreed to act and the story focus is on Jacob(Taylor) and Renesmee(new actress) so it got fixed

nw the story involves new actress Sapphire Miller as Renesmee . and now Kristen will start  to fall in love with Taylor though that Sapphire will also start to fall in love with Taylor and Robert will be the one getting angry at Kristen and trying to talk wd Taylor


                                                                    KRISTEN STEWART(p/b-nemo)

                                                                   TAYLOR LAUTNER (p/b:me)

                                                                      ROBERT PATTINSON p/b- (me)


                                                                    SAPPHIRE MILLER p/b-( With You x)

                                                                Stephanie Meyer (p/b:me)


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great idea

thankew r u joing?

Can I Be Kristen . ?? :)

yeah sure 

2 more characters remaining

join pls


putting your names up

starting tommorow.....


Stephanie Meyer- this is to all the people here we will be starting shooting from tomorrow and Kristen and Robert meet me in private. (Kris and Rob comes to her Room)

you have agreed to work together but your acting together should be just like before try to cope up , now go and come tomorrow here and Kristen, Taylor called you outside 

Taylor- hey , Kris good to c u and did you meet your daughter Renesmee ? 

Bella smiled but before she could the media came up . Jacob- we need to go Sapphire and because you are new to America and Hollywood , tell me where would you like to roam with me ? . but away from public eyes

Jacob- sure... meet u tonight 

Taylor- Hey , Sapphire . Are u worried bout working with me??


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