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❤ Paris...the city of lights. Known for the fashion, the romance and the culture. Truely a beautiful city, truly a perfect place to fall in love. Whether you're falling in love with your best friend, you're enemy, that quiet girl you never noticed or further in love with your significant other. Love, romance and sweetness are definitely in the air. Get you rose colored glasses on because we're taking all taking a trip. Warning: Sticky sweet romance ❤


3+ lines per character. Like...short replies drive me insane

 boy and girl

be romantic. be sticky sweet. The kind that makes you squeal and grin XD


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❤ Enemies ❤

❤Jason Brooks (18) and Kelsey Lott(19)❤

Jason(shapeshifter):           Kelsey(Human:           

Jason and Kelsey have never gotten along. They're complete opposites! Kelsey is perfect. Perfect hair, perfect looks, perfect clothing, perfect personality. And she doesn't flaunt it. She is humble, sweet, but not too sweet, and just someone you would love to be around. She is everyone's friend and is always there for anyone who needs her. Jason is quite the opposite. He is mean, cold and a sarcastic. He's a big, macho football player who has let the popularity get to his head. He has had a crush on Kelsey for the longest time but whenever he tries to talk to her, she ignores him because she doesn't like the way he acts. He acts mean towards her because he doesn't know how to quite express his feeling of heartbreak. When they take the trip to Paris, he is determined to be romantic.


❤Luna Elliot(19) and Derek Jones(19)❤

Luna(human): Me            Derek(wizard): 

Luna and Derek have been dating since the 7th grade. Most people say that they're perfect for each other. They compliment each other! But lately, they're relationship has been having some problems. They're getting into more fights and aren't showing as much love as they used to. In fact, they really would rather not be around each other for more than an hour. The relationship is just going down the drain after all those years. They've talked about breaking up but both of them don't want it to end. Luna, a quiet, mousy girl is at wits end. She doesn't know what to do! Every fight ends in screaming and tears. Derek is seriously considering ending their relationship. But the city of lights will remind them that even though they have their fights, it'll all work out. They're reminded why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

❤Best friends❤

❤Jacob Walker(19) and Juliette Taylor(19)❤

Jake(werewolf): Me                  Juliette(human): perry the platypus       

When you think of best friends, you think of Jake and Juliette. Oh man are these 2 attached at the hip! They know everything about each other! Except for the fact that Jake has imprinted on Juliette. Juliette is loud, outgoing and outspoken. She can be a bit hard to handle sometimes but thats ok with Jake! He can be on the quiet side but hey, someone needs to do the listening! He doesn't know how to tell Juliette...or if he ever will. He thinks it will ruin their friendship and thats the last thing he wants. Will it take Juliette telling him her feelings for him to reveal his secret?

❤The noticed❤

❤Wesley Bently(18) and Jessie Walkter(19)❤

Wes(human):   Perry the platypus      Jessie(Vampire):         

Wesley is a very popular guy. Girls flock to him and he has his pick of girls throughout the school. He comes off as arrogant but he really is more than that. He would love to find a girl to treat like a princess and show off. Like, "Hey! See that beautiful girl? Thats my girl". When he goes to Paris on a big trip with friends, Jake brings his sister. Jessie is painfully shy and very quiet. She prefers not to be noticed and just wants to see the beautiful city and take pictures with her fancy camera. When Wes see's her, it's like love at first sight. He is completely taken aback. He could stare into her sparkling blue eyes for an eternity. When she doesn't notice him, he is desperate to get her attention. 

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je t'aime

Kelsey and Derek?

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Yay !

Luna grinned as they boarded the airplane. She decided to sit next to Kelsey because she had been arguing with Derek too much lately. The long plane trip would be awful sitting next to him. She sat down in the window seat and smiled at Kelsey when she sat down. Kelsey knew everything about Luna's problems with Derek. She made brief eye contact with Derek as he walked past them in the isle to sit behind them. She often wondered what had happened with them. People always said they were perfect together but not lately. She sighed and grabbed a magazine from her bag and opened it. She sighed "I don't know what to do Kels" she mumbled so only she could hear. "I just don't"

Jake followed Juliette to their seats. He grabbed her bag and put it in the over head compartment then sat down next to her. She had the window seat "ahh Jette!" He often called her that "you said I could have the window seat!" He teased and poked her cheek jokingly. He was head over heels for her. She was his imprint! He would let her have the window seat for the rest of their lives if she wanted it. He would never tell her about that though. He didn't want to ruin their friendship. They were attached at the hip and he would be devastated if their friendship ended.


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