The Twilight Saga

there is a girl whos name is aira who falls in love with someone whom she never met she has only did some chat and and phone talks and has seen some pics of him. however the boy<name=tyler Clark> has deleted her name from his frnds list ... she tries to forget him bt she can't .. 

one day on a college party she sees the boy <the boy has never seen her any picture>... she tries to talk to him normally as she has never seen him

                             the rp will later have some secrets revealed wd twists<that i will latr> 

                                                         about both the people

we will need Aira Wilson and her two frnds<Lauren Moore and Janet Lopez> they play a important role . jasmine who is always near Varen though never tells any1 about her and him . next is John who is best freind of Lauren and they keep a eye on Aira when she talks wd Tyler

and we need brother of Tyler (name=Varen Clark) who discourages him mix wd any1 (reason will be known later)

Lauren Moore<takn>          janet lopez taken                                                Jasmine Stewart (open)



                                  Tyler Clark taken                                                       


<Aira Wilson


Varen Clark


                 JOHN DAVIS OPEN



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it's going to be interesting

janet lopez

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Lauren Moore & Tyler Clark?

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