The Twilight Saga

Westfield Academy...if you could call it that. More like a facility that puts you behind walls. Not meant for the weak supernaturals. Meant for the supernaturals that have powers that are incredible. That need to be controlled before they hurt anyone else. They have sessions with anyone who would possibly help with controlling their power.

The country is being taken over by a power thirsty, evil scientist and his drones. These drones have fire power and skills that the armed forces cannot even match. That's when Westfield Academy is contacted. The supernaturals are needed to fight these drones and take down the scientist. All they're lives, these kids have been forced to swallow their powers and keep them down and controlled. And they're being asked to let them loose. Oh gosh.

Boy and girl

3+ lines for each character

No god powers like "Takes other's powers"


thats it ^_^

Name || age || power || crush? || played by: ||

||Bio and personality||

pic or gif

Mar W. Vendetta || 18 || When she gets angry, she turns into a monster...much like the hulk. Big, discolored, incredibly strong, very violent. Doesn't remember anything after she returns to normal || IDK || played by: DWAH ||

Mar is that sweet girl who is always willing to help. You wouldn't think she has a temper, most people don't know about her power. Most people wonder why she's even there. Mar has been there most of her life and controlling her power has become a habit. She wears a moniter on her wrist that keeps track of her pulse and beeps when it gets too high. Mar prides herself on meditating and keeping a level head because won't like her when she's angry.

Derek P. Walters || 17 || Flame control || IDK || played by: DWAH ||

Derek has issues controlling his power. He can conjure up and control fire. He is relatively new to the faculty. He has problems with spontaneously bursting into flames. The person he works with every day has created flame proof clothing for him to wear. Derek's temper matches his power. He's snappy and angry a lot, mostly because no one will get close to him. They're afraid of being burned! He often consults Mar about anger management but the sessions they have usually have little affect on him.

Sky Anna Mathers || 17 || Can control things with her mind, like small animals and is working on people  || None  for now || played by:Where the Wild things are♥ ||

||Sky is not very social ,but has a good personality. Shes not afraid to speak her mind when necessary. She discovered her powers at a young age with her pets, she learned she could make them do  any thing she wanted. Lately she's been trying to control people but its harder and she gets nose bleeds and migraines when she tries.||

Danny || 18 || control over wind || Doesn't have one yet || played by: Where the Wild Things are♥ ||

||Danny is a kind guy with a free spirit. He doesn't like to be told what to do or be held back. When using his power he gets a little carried away or into what hes doing and always makes a big mess of things. He doesn't take his power to seriously and messes around using it to have fun.||

Levy Michal || 18 ||  || Ice Control || Lizzy ||

||He is a happy go lucky guy he tries not to let to much get under his skin he can be protective like when he was a teenager and froze his stepfather after he hit his mother he didn't know how he did it or that he could even do it he did find out though that he had to find a way to control and found help in attempting to control a power that can freeze you.  ||

Tia Megan || 17 || Sonic Scream || uhhh || Lizzy ||

||She is slightly scared of her power after she almost killed a boy in the first grade she tried to find help before when someone gave her the chance her power can be very destructive so she is reluctant to get mad and start yelling but has a slight temper but loves to meet new people.||

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Sky watched as the tree froze a bit " wow " she mumbled softly. reaching he hand out she ran her finders over the glossy surface of the frozen tree. She looked over at Levy " Hey try blocking the feeling think of something else maybe in this case something warmer ?" she tried to suggest. 

Danny , frowned slightly " Then we will all have each others back, don't worry we won't let each other get hurt " he put his arm around her shoulder " We will protect each other, got it so don't  worry " He  smiled at her reassuring her that everything would be fine

Levy thought of a furnace something hot "ah" he cringed as shared of ice jabbed into the tree then his hand since he wasn't far from the tree he did feel the feeling go away though as he jerked his hand away from the tree and plucked ice shards out of his now bleeding palm "I don't feel the feeling anymore is my hair still blue" he asked her as he tilted his head at the now half frozen tree and then at her.

Sky bit her lip and looked at him " Levy your hand its bleeding " she said softly.Gazing up at his hair she shook her head no his hair was back to normal. Turning around she took a tissue from her bag before taking his hand dabbing at  the blood " sorry if that hurts "

Levy smiled at her "its alright Sky really its my fault I stood to close to the tree but then again I have not tried to think of something hot to get it down under control I might have made it mad that I won though" he said with a wide smile as he looked into her really pretty green eyes she also had beautiful red hair "Ya it don't hurt Sky and Ya I still need to pull a few out" he said as he crossed arms with her to get to his hand and pulled out three more shards "all done" he said "It'll stop" he told her as he let her wipe it away the blood anyway "wana try your power?" he asked her his wasn't to practice but it worked out that way.

Sky smiled back her cheeks heating up a bit under his gaze. " If you don't mind me trying to get inside your head ? " said said with a slight giggle. She took a deep breath trying to clear her mind, her eyes opened showing her pupils had dilated a bit. A look of concentration came over her face as she felt herself start to break through one of his barriers. The dripping feeling of blood feel from her nose again, and a slight pain formed behind her eyes making her pull back. Her eyes went back to normal as well. " So close ...." she said reaching up to her head as her nose still dripped . 

Levy could feel her then he couldn't feel much of anything just tingling in his head as he really didn't think to much of anything then he felt pain in his head like a headache slightly as she pulled back from him "I think you are close maybe think about breaking the second wall after you have slipped pass the first wall for a while I almost wasn't sure I was going to stay in control I felt numb" he explained as he handed her the clean tissues from his hand cleaning.

Sky nodded wiping her nose. " I could feel it too i felt close then I did with Danny this morning, still not good enough" she muttered leaning more back into the tree closing her eyes the pounding in her head growing  slightly from talking. "maybe next time " 

Levy nodded as he sat on the ground and leaned back into the tree and closed his eyes "when ever you are ready to try again just let me know" he said softly without opening his eyes and he rested his head on the frozen tree it didn't faze him in the least.

Sky opened her eyes a bit. " maybe later when my migraine goes away " she said leaning her head slightly towards Levy. " Levy, tell me a bit about your self " she stated softly hoping that maybe they could talk and get to know each other 

Levy froze at first and thought of what he could tell her that won't scare her away "well my father is gone and my mother married a step jerk who is also..uh dead now to and I use to protect my mother until I was dragged her and haven't heard or seen from her since" he said quietly as he brought his knees to his chest his gaze lost in the space it looked glazed he was stuck in the past right now "I have no siblings" he added as he shook his head and told her the basics but not giving to much away.

Sky reached over and touched his shoulder "I'm sorry ..." was the only thing she really could say.Biting her lip she looked over at him the lost look in his eyes reminder her of the look she some times got. " things will get better Levy " 

( I'm turning in for the night toodles ^^)

Mar didn't exactly believe him but she forced a smile anyways. "Thanks" she said quietly and sat down at the base of the tree. She picked at the grass with her fingers and wished she could be more relaxed about all this. But...she couldn't help but think that something was going to go wrong with her power. She looked at his face, the same lazy smile on his face like there was absolutely nothing wrong in his life


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