The Twilight Saga

Westfield Academy...if you could call it that. More like a facility that puts you behind walls. Not meant for the weak supernaturals. Meant for the supernaturals that have powers that are incredible. That need to be controlled before they hurt anyone else. They have sessions with anyone who would possibly help with controlling their power.

The country is being taken over by a power thirsty, evil scientist and his drones. These drones have fire power and skills that the armed forces cannot even match. That's when Westfield Academy is contacted. The supernaturals are needed to fight these drones and take down the scientist. All they're lives, these kids have been forced to swallow their powers and keep them down and controlled. And they're being asked to let them loose. Oh gosh.

Boy and girl

3+ lines for each character

No god powers like "Takes other's powers"


thats it ^_^

Name || age || power || crush? || played by: ||

||Bio and personality||

pic or gif

Mar W. Vendetta || 18 || When she gets angry, she turns into a monster...much like the hulk. Big, discolored, incredibly strong, very violent. Doesn't remember anything after she returns to normal || IDK || played by: DWAH ||

Mar is that sweet girl who is always willing to help. You wouldn't think she has a temper, most people don't know about her power. Most people wonder why she's even there. Mar has been there most of her life and controlling her power has become a habit. She wears a moniter on her wrist that keeps track of her pulse and beeps when it gets too high. Mar prides herself on meditating and keeping a level head because won't like her when she's angry.

Derek P. Walters || 17 || Flame control || IDK || played by: DWAH ||

Derek has issues controlling his power. He can conjure up and control fire. He is relatively new to the faculty. He has problems with spontaneously bursting into flames. The person he works with every day has created flame proof clothing for him to wear. Derek's temper matches his power. He's snappy and angry a lot, mostly because no one will get close to him. They're afraid of being burned! He often consults Mar about anger management but the sessions they have usually have little affect on him.

Sky Anna Mathers || 17 || Can control things with her mind, like small animals and is working on people  || None  for now || played by:Where the Wild things are♥ ||

||Sky is not very social ,but has a good personality. Shes not afraid to speak her mind when necessary. She discovered her powers at a young age with her pets, she learned she could make them do  any thing she wanted. Lately she's been trying to control people but its harder and she gets nose bleeds and migraines when she tries.||

Danny || 18 || control over wind || Doesn't have one yet || played by: Where the Wild Things are♥ ||

||Danny is a kind guy with a free spirit. He doesn't like to be told what to do or be held back. When using his power he gets a little carried away or into what hes doing and always makes a big mess of things. He doesn't take his power to seriously and messes around using it to have fun.||

Levy Michal || 18 ||  || Ice Control || Lizzy ||

||He is a happy go lucky guy he tries not to let to much get under his skin he can be protective like when he was a teenager and froze his stepfather after he hit his mother he didn't know how he did it or that he could even do it he did find out though that he had to find a way to control and found help in attempting to control a power that can freeze you.  ||

Tia Megan || 17 || Sonic Scream || uhhh || Lizzy ||

||She is slightly scared of her power after she almost killed a boy in the first grade she tried to find help before when someone gave her the chance her power can be very destructive so she is reluctant to get mad and start yelling but has a slight temper but loves to meet new people.||

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Derek laughed and shook his head "ok ok touché" he said, poking her cheek and waiting for her to get packed. When she was they walked out of her room and towards the tree. It looks like Mar and Danny were already there. He snickered a little "I will bet you money that one of them likes the other" he mumbled to Selena. That was one thing Derek was really good at. Reading people. He could tell what their emotions where. It wasn't a power, just a skill he had

Selena smiles nodding to him. She walks with him out to the tree. She throws all her stuff on the ground, "Ugh, so heavy!" She giggles and looks over at Derek and then punches him the arm, "Hey I claim the bigger bed when we get there." She punches him in the arm playfully.

Derek looked at her "see that doesn't make any sense because I'm the bigger one..." He said with a laugh and poked her "so I definitely think I deserve the bigger bed." He said with a wink. He walked up to Danny and Mar and smiled "hey guys" he dropped his bags then walked over to pick up Selena's and put it all together so she didn't forget one. Her bags were definitely heavy "god one of these bags must be full of bricks..." He said sarcastically

Selena laughs and shakes her head, "No I get it." She laughs, "Or we could share it." She winks, "Kidding!" She looks at all the others, "So is there some bus or something we need to get on?" She runs her hair through her beautiful long blonde hair and puts her hands on her hips.

Danny looked over at her and smiled to himself. " Hey Derek " he said nodding his head over at him. Danny looked at the sky and sighed softly. He wondered where they others were, he saw Sky and Levy at a tree a few feet away that was partially frozen.  " Does anyone know when we actually have to leave ?" he said turning to look at Selena and Derek.

Derek chuckled and looked around. "A bus? You'd think if we were government spies they would have a better transportation for us..." As he said that, a stretch limo pulled into the gates of the academy. It pulled up by them and men in dark suits and sunglasses got out. He nodded to them and opened the door to the back seat of the limo. Derek's eyes got wide and looked at everyone else. "Holy crap..." He grabbed his bag. It was going to be a long ride so he was glad they were riding in style.

Mar watched as the limo pulled up. "No way!!" She leaped up to her feet "I've never rode in a limo before!!" She grabbed her bag and walked up to the man in the suit. He smiled a little and took her bag to put it in the back. She turned around to the others and grinned excitedly. She ran over to Selena and Danny. "cmmmooonnn" She said, pulling them towards the car.

Selena laughs and lets the gentle man take her suit case. She grabs her gun briefcase and her purse getting in the limo. She sits next to Derek and when everyone gets in she smiles and looks at Derek whose next to the stereo. "You since we are going on a death mission we should at least have little fun." She giggles and looks around at everyone whose all nodding. "Crank it up, Derek!" She loops her arm through his. She loves his leather jacket, just well be case he's a total bad ass type of guy and he wears bad ass clothes. She loves it.

Danny chuckled and grabbed his bag heading over to the limo. This was something fancy and defiantly something he wasn't use to. Smiling he got into the limo sitting next to Mar. " A bit of fun on a death mission sounds pretty good to me" he stated watching as more people walked over to he limo.

Sky looked over and saw a limo with the other heading in side of it. She looked over and pocked Levy " we should go over there " She said standing up and grabbing her bag . She waited for him to get his stuff before heading over.

Mar rolled her eyes. "Why is everyone calling it a death mission?! We're not going to die!" She smirked a little and leaned back against the soft leather. She looked around at the inside. It was definitely glamorous and fancy. She watched as Derek put his arm around Selena and she raised an eyebrow at him. He glared at her when Selena wasn't looking. Sometimes Derek and Mar argued like siblings.

Derek put his arm around Selena and caught Mar's look. He glared at her then nodded his head towards Danny who wasn't looking. Mar rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. They weren't really mad, they were just picking at each other. He smiled at Selena and leaned over to turn on the music. After sifting through all the channels, he found a fun station and turned it up

Selena smiles and looks over at Derek. She leans into him and then looks around at everyone else. She looks at Mar, then away, she and Mar never really got along at all. She sighs, then sings along to the song playing.


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