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Couple #1

Jackson is one of the biggest players in school. Emi used to be a chubby geek, mocked mercilessly by the popular kids. Over the summer, Emi discovered her heritage as a Siren and came back to school a completely different person. She lost weight, grew her hair out, got contacts, got rid of her acne, and is now one of the most gorgeous girls in the school. Jackson is now determined to hook up with her, but getting past the fact that he bullied her endlessly with his friends is making it very difficult for him.

Emi - Siren - me

Jackson - Vampire - sail

Couple #2:

Bree and Cole have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They grew up as next door neighbors and quickly bonded. Bree always liked her best friend, but he never seemed to return the feelings. Over the summer, Cole phased for the first time and imprints on Bree the first day of school, right after she decided to give up and move on. He doesn't know how to tell her about imprinting on her, but keeping the secret is pulling them father apart and threatening to ruin their friendship.

Bree - witch - Sofia

Cole - wolf - Hannah

Couple 3:

Alaska and ____ have been friends with benefits for the last few months. The arrangement was working perfectly until Alaska started to have feelings for ___. He was oblivious to this, however, and she didn't feel the need to say anything. Until now, when a new guy at school has began asking her out. He finds himself insanely jealous, but doesn't want to say anything because he doubts that she returns the feelings and is afraid to hurt her, as he's a demon.

Alaska - human - sail

____ - demon - open

Couple #4:

Brennen and ____ began hanging out over the summer in California, where both families own beach houses. Brennen is extremely popular, quarterback of the football team and a huge player. ____ on the other hand, is a bit of an outcast. Although she's very sweet, she refuses to go along with the rude and cruel things that popular kids do, resulting in her being shunned. They decided to keep dating into the school year, but Brennen insists on it being a secret. Although she's falling for him, the secrecy of their relationship is pushing ____ to her breaking point, and she doesn't think she can continue dating Brennen in secret.

_____ - half human/half angel - open

Brennen - shapeshifter - me

Couple #5:

Acacia and Freddie are in constant competition. They both are enrolled in as many AP and honors classes as possible and both have a perfect GPA. They're involved in several of the same extra curricular activities, such as debate, band, and swim team. They're both assigned to help tutor middle school students across town, and begin spending significant amounts of time together because of it. Before they know it, they're slowly falling for each other.

Acacia - vampire - Hannah

Freddie - human-shapeshifter hybrid - Sofia

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Bree sighed as she looked into the mirror. Her eyes were really dark today she hadn't got much sleep the night before. She had no idea what was wrong. She put on some light make up and finished putting her shoes on. She walked downstairs and grabbed her jacket off the hanger and headed out to her car that was parked at the front of her house.

Freddie had been up since dawn going through his books trying to learn as much as he could before the day started. He was in every AP class he could fit into and was a perfect student the only person that was about equal to him was Acacia. He looked up out of his window and thought about her. He knew this year was his year to finally beat her and get ahead.

I was the boy from couple 2 and the girl from couple 4.... right?

Boy from couple 3 and girl from 4

Oh right, right :D So what's going on? How should I jump in?

There's only been to replies, I seriously just started ha

Oh! lol! Okay, so I'll read them and start from there XD

Cori made her way to school on her bike. Cars were overrated for her, and she was judged for it unquestionably, though, she was very much used to it. She didn't get why everyone had to either be a cheerleader, or a football player, popular, or a jock. It was a waste of humanity to her, and unlike some people, she wasn't afraid to be different. But there was one person, one guy from the other side, that understood, and liked her for who she was. She was excited to him, Cori had been waiting for weeks to.

What'd I miss? im in couple #'s 1 & 3

Nothing, we just started. There's been three or four replies haha


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