The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Vampire, Werewolves,Other Supernatural Creatures

Bella and Jacob are also present.

Plot: Bella and Jacob used to date but Jake turned out to be a jerk so they broke up, but Jake still wants Bella no matter what, but Bella hates him and does not want anything to do with him anymore. She feels like she is being day she rans into the Italian Hybrid Marco. Marco has to protect Bella against Jacob with Bella's sister Alexis. What will happen?

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me

17 Years old

Witch/Does not know it yet. Zach is her cousin.

Crushing on Marco

Marco Dimitri Mastrostefano~Katie (Melissa) Black

Age Not Known

Italian Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid

In love with Bella

Jacob Black~Me

19 Years Old


Still wants Bella

Alexis Nina Swan~Katie (Melissa) Black

16 Years Old

Witch/Bella's half sister.

Not crushing on anyone yet.


Marabella Mastrostefano~Me

She is Marco's younger and spoilt sister, she does not like Witches or Bella. She gets turned into a kid by Marco to learn a lesson.

Zach Mastrostefano~Me

He is a male witch and Bella's cousin. He lives with the Mastrostefano family, as they are like his real family.

Jennifer Mastrostefano~

She is Marco and Marrabella's mother, she takes Bella in as a daughter and is happy for her son and her. She is a Hybrid.

Anton Mastrostefano~

He is the head of the family and he is a Hybrid like his family. He is fond of Bella and happy for her and his son Marco.


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Marco and Alexis

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Bella woke up and she sighed, she looked around her room and out of her window, she swore from the corner of her eye, she saw a rather tall and handsome guy by the tree outside of her house, but maybe she was just seeing things as the next moment he was gone, she shook her head "I am going crazy" she said to her self and she walked to the bathroom and she cleaned her self up and she ran a hand through her hair after she brushed it, she then pulled it up into a pony tail, she walked downstairs to see her sister wake "Morning Lex" she said and she smiled, she always called her Lex, or Lexi, sometimes Alex but not Alexis much. "Sleep..." she got cut off when the there was a knock on the door and she sighed "I'll get it" she said and she walked to the door and opened it to see her ex at the door "Jake, what do you want?"

Jake grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to him "You, I want you" he said and he had a deep set glare on his face and looked rather determined, he knew they broke up but he would do anything in his power to get her back and he was not going to give up or give in. He hissed as she tried to get away from his grip "Bella, I love you" he said, but Bella knew better then to believe him, he was not going to suck her in with this act, it was not working on her and it would never do.

Lexi-woke up smiling. "Hey Bells." she smiled she always loved when her sister would call her a nickname. She smiled officially waking up for the day. As she got dressed she heard Jacob. "Oh, great here we go." she said to herself. She walked down ready for the day. "Sis you okay?"she said until she saw Jakes grip on her sister. "Jake let her go. Do not make me call the police!" She was glad they broke up. She absolutely hated what he would do to her sister. She remembered the bruises on her arms from where he hit her. "Leave Jake now."

Marcus- sitting in the tree watching a girl named Bella sleep. He didn't know why he felt so attached to her. He felt the need to watch her every move to make sure she was safe and sound. His family just moved in the house next door to her. He could smell the boy Jake. He wreaked with stench. "Geez did he ever take a shower." he thought to himself.. Then he noticed the fight. He felt the urge to do something to help them. He jumped down from the tree and walked across to her house. "Everything alright here?" he said. "Sorry if i intrude. My family just moved in next door and I couldn't help but ask if you are alright." he looked at Bella and smiled.

(It's Marco not Marcus dear :))

Bella frowned at Jake "I don;t love you Jake and I am not buying this act either." she hissed "I despise you Jacob, all you done is hurt me and my sister, I want nothing to do with you, now I suggest you leave before Alexis really does call the cops on you." she said, she winced as Jake tightened his grip around her wrist and she felt tears forming in her eyes as he held her wrist so tight, she could feel it slowly breaking, she tried to get away but he gripped her more and she let out a whimper and a sob. The tears ran down her cheek as she was in pain.

Jake kept the grip on her wrist until Marco walked over and he growled at him and let go of Bella and she fell to the floor as her knees grew weak and she looked at them all "This is not over" he growled and he pushed past Marco in a rude manner and when he got into the woods, he turned into his wolf form and he ran off. He hated Marco already, he was knew and had no business butting in, stupid Italian Hybrid he thought to him self, Jake could smell Marco was a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid.

Bella closed her eyes trying not to sob out more in pain, the pain in her wrist was unbearable, she opened her eyes again as she looked at the handsome lad in front of her, she could tell he was an Italian as he had a thick, sexy Italian accent, he took her breath away, she never saw anyone so handsome before, let alone an Italian that moved to the house next door and seemed concerned for her and sister's well being, she was speechless from the pain, she winced and she managed to get up "Umm not really,, I think my wrist's broken" she said answering his question and she smiled at him back softly. She leaned against her sister and half against the wall of the house

(Sorry! :( )

Marco-looked at Jake as he left. He hated Jake with every bone in his body. He hurt Bella, the girl he watched over every night since they got into town. "May I look at it." he smiled lightly. looking at her eyes. "He is a jerk. Do not worry about him. I am here to help." he helped her sister get her inside and laying down on the couch before examining her arm. 

Lexi-held on to her sister. She got very concerned for her half sister. "Sis, lets get you inside. The heat is not going to help the pain. Thanks Marco so much. You are right Jake is a jerk. He has always has been one since the beginning. Sis, can you please let Marco look at you hand then we will go to the hospital." she looked at her sister with all seriousness in her face.

(it's okay :) I am not mad)

Bella looked at Marco and she nodded "Umm sure" she said and she wrapped her good arm around him holding on as he and Alexis took her inside of the house and she looked at her sister "I am not going to the hospital" she frowned, she hated doctors and hospitals freaked her out, it was just one of those things she hated, she winced as her wrist was throbbing, and she let Marco examine her wrist, she bit her lip and she watched him and she wondered what part of Italy he came from "What part of Italy you from?" she asked and smiled softly, trying to make conversation so she could think about something else and not her wrist


Marco examined her wrist, 'It is only sprained not broken you are very lucky.  I am from Tuscany, Italy." he smiled at her lightly. "If you want when you are better I can teach you how to make italian pizza or pasta." he smiled at her wrapping her wrist gently with some gaze wrap that her sister had given him. "So, why do you not like going to a hospital?" he looked at her curious


Bella bit her lip as he examined her wrist and she nodded "It hurts though" she said and sighed "I think I might need to get a restraining order put on him or something" she smiled back at him warmly and nodded "I always wanted to go there, and that'll be nice thank you" she said and she smiled softly at him, she tried not to blush at his warm and delicate touch "I always hated hospitals...blood...deaths..." she shivered "The smell is not good either" she said and shivered at the thought of about in a hospital

Marco-"It will hurt at first but from what I can tell all your bones are in place. And I believe that is a a smart thing to get a restraining order against him. I am sorry but he hurt you. You could sue him for domestic violence. I don't want to tell you what to do however i do not want to see you hurt." he touched her cheek softly. "Forget about him you have me here to save you." he smiled and held her close kissing her hair. "Maybe i can take you to tuscany sometime." he smiled.

Bella looked at him and she nodded "Well that's good" she said keeping her hand rested on her lap keeping it still and calm and she looked at him nodding "Yeah, I guess, but I am not sure if it's enough to stop him, still" she said and she sighed "It's not your fault he turned out to be an abusive jerk" she said and sighed, she blushed as he touched her cheek and she leaned into his touch softly and looked at him "What makes you think you can protect me from him?" she asked curious "I don't want you to end up getting hurt, at the expense of keeping me safe" she said, she didn't know but she was feeling worried about him and she nodded "Maybe" she said and smiled softly and she closed her eyes and opened them again looking into his eyes

Marco-"Bella, sweetie. I am going to tell you this. I am like Jake in the supernatural way. Like he is a wolf. I am a hybrid. He will lose every battle he has with me. I will be safe and sound. It is I who worry about you every hour of the day. Jake had no right to hurt you since you two are no longer dating anymore. How about I take you to Italy for a couple weeks while this blows over. Your sister can come with us if she pleases. you need to see the world is a pleasent place without nasty people." he smiled kissing her forehead.


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