The Twilight Saga

Twilight Relation: Characters are vampires, werewolves, etc.

Video games are fun, wouldn’t you think? Well, they don’t involve joysticks and remotes anymore, like they used to. Now, video games are all real. Very few play these games though, as the games are all quite expensive. Some people stick to the old games, but most don’t like to. These new games are far more fun and thrilling.

Just the flip of a switch while your in an isolated room, and you’ll be transported to a virtual world where you can choose your race, your species, customize your character, and interact with other people. One problem though, when they say that these video games aren’t for beginners, they mean it. You see, while playing these video games, you’re responsible for everything. Your life being one thing. Only experts play these games, and they hardly consider it a child’s game.

It used to be a very peaceful area to interact with others in, but lately, there have been a group of players hacking the game system. We call them the Erasers. It sounds harmless, but they most certainly aren’t. Apparently, though I have never seen it with my own eyes, these Erasers will send you into a coma. There have been many reports so far, and many wish to never encounter these strange people. Reportedly, many have fallen into these comas when they ran into the Erasers in the virtual world.

I don’t know exactly what they want from us, or what they’re gaining by doing this, but it certainly can’t go well.

--Anonymous Player

Important Info

  • You may have noticed that gaming history for the Erasers is unknown. I prefer to keep it that way, however, if you are playing as one of those characters, feel free to think up a bio and history, but keep it to yourself until you feel that it could be given away to other characters.
  • In order to keep things easy, feel free to create any type of atmosphere for the Dark Dynasty World.
  • In order to keep things kind of simple, we will ALWAYS be in the virtual world, Dark Dynasty.

Player Class

Weapons Master:

One who is most skilled in fighting. Focused on combat abilities, though lacks magical abilities.


Focused on stealth and social skills. Capable of high-damage attacks and is rather good at dodging. Lacks magical abilities.


Specializes in healing and supportive magical abilities. Rather weak both magically and physically, though offers great help.


Focused on powerful magical abilities, but physically weak.


  • Play both a girl and boy.
  • Play both an Eraser and a normal Player Character.
  • No God Modding. No one likes to play with a controller (Get it? Get it? No? Fine. No more puns.)
  • Follow all TTS role-play rules.
  • Do NOT argue outside of character with another.
  • Longer replies are appreciated. NO ONE LINERS.
  • Most importantly, please remember to have fun and be patient. Not everyone may be on at the same time, and not everyone will be able to reply right away.



17 years old || Weapons Master || Vampire || Level 78


Sawa is overall a nice, charming young girl to meet. She often acts cutesy and sweet, but don’t be too fooled. Despite having an overall girly attitude, Sawa can hold her all in a fight. Many male gamers tend to think that she would be easily taken advantage of or easy to beat, but behind her cutesy attitude is a skilled gamer. Because most male players tend to think this way, she easily wraps them around her finger to use for her purpose, strengthen her team to beat bosses, and then easily dispose of them. Sometimes, however, she keeps them in her party, because she forms a friendship with them. Like Shin, for instance. After fighting along side him, she decided it would be a good idea to keep him around, and since then they’ve been friends, though they both bicker with each other often. Sawa sees Mine as a younger sister more than anything else, and they both scold Shin for being too controlling. She likes them both, despite how easily she bickers with them.

Gamer History:

Sawa grew up playing video games with her older brother and always loved first person shooters or action games, which is why she wields both a pistol, and a sword. In her hometown there were many team competitions that her brother and her always entered. They one quite a bit, but of course there were those who they couldn’t beat. Still, that didn’t discourage Sawa from playing video games. When she heard of Dark Dynasty, she just had to have it. She spent two years saving up enough money for it, and asked her mother if it would be okay to clear out her closet and dedicate it to her game. After all, all you need to play the game was a small hard drive and an empty room. The advertisement never said that the room had to be spacious. She’s been playing the game for about a year now, and is up to level 78.

Played by: LostSoull



18 years old || Rouge || Werewolf || Level 81


Shin tends to be rather cross with most people. He argues, has strong opinions, and likes to see things go his way. If not, he will not throw a temper tantrum, as he is not that type of person, but he may let a few profanities slip from his tongue or continue to be rude to another player. However, Shin has a great sense of humor when it comes to most things, besides making fun of himself. He can be nice when he wants to be, but most players find it to sound forced. Shin tries his best to be nice to most, but he does have quite the anger issues. Though most wouldn’t believe it, Shin is a very honest person, and will rarely lie, unless it is to keep someone safe. Shin doesn’t often form a party to beat a monster, but typically if he does, it’s with Sawa and Mine. He finds the two of them more appealing than others, though not in any other way besides personality and gaming ability. Shin tries not to form a party with other males in it, as he likes to have things go his way and ultimately be the alpha male of a party. Sometimes, however, Sawa and Mine scold him for that.

Gamer History:

His parents often had a hard time getting him away from any sort of gaming console. He was always sitting in his room with the shades drawn and a controller in his hand, smashing his fingers into the buttons and moving the joystick rapidly. He had fun being that way, though. He didn’t much care for going outside with friends, and could often be described as a shut-in. Being from a richer family, Shin was a very spoiled child. Perhaps if his grandparents didn’t buy him every new game and game console there was, his parents would be able to get him to participate in other means of entertainment. When Dark Dynasty came out, he didn’t even have to ask for it before his grandparents got it for him. He wasn’t going to ask for it, either. He was going to save up his money himself, as he was tired of getting every game he wished for.

 Played by: Ran-chan


16 years old || Cleric || Human || Level 77


Mine tends to be a very flirtatious girl. She acts innocent and shy around most, though when you get to know her, her true colors begin to show. In reality, she is a rather flirtatious girl in both sentences and small gestures. She will not, however, play with someone’s heart. Most of the time, Mine is not aware of her actions that lead others to think she is flirtatious. Mine sees herself as a rather quiet girl, who never really means to act in the ways she sometimes does. Mine’s relationship with Shin and Sawa is that she is nearly always in their party to encourage them and help them. Sawa treats her like a younger sister, which, in most cases, she is fine with, but in others she wishes to complain. She never does though. And Shin, well, she bickers often with him alongside Sawa. But that isn’t to say that she dislikes either of them. In fact, she is terribly afraid of the news about these Erasers going around and sending gamers into a coma.

Gamer History:

Mine hasn’t been playing video games for all that long. Her parents thought it was improper for a young lady to be involved in such violent means of entertainment, so she rarely got to play. Instead, her mother, a nurse, taught her all about healing and nursing. Whenever she went to visit her cousin, Tomoya, they would always sneak off into his room to play a video game. Tomoya always asked her why Mine preferred to play as a Cleric, and Mine’s answer was always short and simple. “I like to help people.”

When Dark Dynasty came out, she begged and pleaded her mom to let her get, and eventually, after a long year of hard work and saving up, Mine bought the game and fell in love with it.

Played by: Misuto


19 years old || Warlock || Level 80


Kent is a very open minded, though serious person. He doesn’t take too many things lightly, and often has a hard time deciphering from sarcasm and someone being serious. He can be offended easily and does not like those who are sometimes immature. The others, however, have loosened him up since he first met them. He is not as serious as he used to be, and occasionally, he tries to tell them all bad, if not the worst, jokes he found while surfing the internet. They’ll pretend to laugh, though he knows his jokes are bad. Still, it’s worth a try every now and then to lighten the mood. To others, he is a very socially awkward person.

Gamer History:

Kent was never really into gaming for the fun of it. He enjoyed it because he admired the technology. He grew up around his father who was a computer technician and programmer, so Kent was very good with technology. He taught himself how to hack a website at an early age and often did so with popular forums and chat rooms, though stopped after being scolded for it. Kent picked up Dark Dynasty when it first came out, because he was interested in how the entire game was put together. He has tried to hack into the servers of the game, but has failed every time and has still not figured it out. But maybe that’s for the best.

Played by: ChelseaDanay(:


18 years old || Warlock/Eraser || Level 87


Ikki is said to be cold, like the color of his hair. He highly dislikes most people, and would often call it hate. Even if he doesn’t know a gamer, he takes joy in beating them in battle and sending them into comas. He is a very mysterious young man, who doesn’t like to be misjudged or underestimated. He occasionally plays many games with those he battles, often trying to belittle them in some way, like pointing out all of their flaws. And when he starts to do that, he really does point out all of their flaws, from a misplaced piece of hair to battle techniques.

Gamer History:

Up until Dark Dynasty, Ikki’s gaming history is unknown.

Played by: Misuto


19 years old || Mage/Eraser || Level 89

Personality: Rika is harsh, cruel, but a very good actor most of all. Most would look at her and think she has a cool outfit, or think that she is very pretty at first. Most would also assume that she is innocent and not the best gamer around. But, of course, they are wrong, as Rika is currently the highest level player known. She hides behind an innocent face, and often plays people into a battle with her. She tells them that she is still a new gamer and is trying to level up, and that if they could go easy on her she’d greatly appreciate it. Most believe her, and fall into her trap.

Gamer History:

Up until Dark Dynasty, Rika’s gaming history is unknown.

She is the highest level player known, but there are many still catching up to her.

Played by: Ran-chan


19 years old || Weapons Master/Eraser || Human|| Level 84


At first glance, Toma would seem like a nice person to hang out with. He is always smiling and laughing in some way, and enjoys battling others. Though he is much less crueler than Rika and Ikki, he gets along with them and considers them great friends. He’s nice to them, despite the mean words that they sometimes call him, and loves to be around them, as he often lightens the mood. Toma, though seeming happy and not-so-innocent, is perhaps one of the most innocent out there. Toma is unaware of what being an Eraser does. He thinks that someone’s character disappearing from the virtual world after defeat is normal, because he’s only ever watched Rika and Ikki fight someone. Rika and Ikki do a very good job at keeping Toma away from the truth, as he is a very reliable player.

Gamer History:

Toma’s gaming history up until Dark Dynasty is unknown.

 Played by: LostSoull



16 years old || Cleric/Eraser || Elf || Level 79


Yusa is unpredictable. The others will often claim that she has split personality disorder, but she does not. Yusa, you see, likes to play games. Of course she does though, as she is playing Dark Dynasty everyday. But she likes to mainly play games with people. Instead of doing what Ikki does and pointing out flaws, Yusa occasionally blocks out all emotion, keeping a straight face while battling or talking, and a monotone voice. At other times, she acts angered and will her voice won’t ever reach a whisper. And then during other times she is bubbly and giddy. It’s very hard to pinpoint just what Yusa will do next. Despite having a large right hand, Yusa has no ability to use magic, or really fight at all. Her hand is like that in case she has to help the others out. Occasionally, she finds herself being able to hurt the opponent, but most of the time it’s to block attacks. She is very helpful towards the other Erasers, and would hate to see them hurt.

Gamer History:

Up until Dark Dynasty, Yusa’s gaming history is unknown.

Played by: ChelseaDanay(:


 18 years old || Rouge/Eraser || Vampire || Level 73


Heisuke is a rather easy-to-get-along-with type of guy. He doesn’t argue with others too much, as he sees it as a disadvantage and a waste of time, nor does he insult people too often. He will, occasionally, but he prefers to get his job done as an Eraser quickly, rather than waste time. He sees it as this: the less time he wastes, the more players to send into comas. Quite simple through his eyes. Heisuke also has a habit of giving everyone nicknames. He’ll always ask for the other player’s name during battle, and then he’ll decide on a nickname by either shortening their name, adding onto it, or creating something based on first impressions.

Gamer history:

Up until Dark Dynasty, Heisuke’s gaming history is unknown.

Played by: Misuto



Disclaimer: You may have noticed that this is partially based off of .hack//, which is a video game, visual novel, OVA, and an anime. Also, pictures are from AMNESIA, which I believe is both a visual novel and an anime.

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I've actually never watched or read it. I'm still contemplating whether I should or not.

Apparently it's good, if you love it. xD

Cool. I think I might try to get my hands on a PSP to play the game first, though...if it's in english >.>

omg im totally joining this! may i play Shin and Rika? :e3

Absolutely. Thanks for joining. :D

This looks awesome!

Could I have Sawa and Toma please. o3o

Yay! Of course you looks like I might need to create more character profiles now, in case anyone else joins. But thats good! The more the merrier!

Wait, one question. Even when they are in the game, do they still have to abide by their species' rules? Such as a vampire needs blood and a werewolf can still turn?

Ah, I guess I forgot to add info about that. All players are actually human, but in the game they choose a different species to be.
And characters will be in game at all times.

:D 'Kay, thanks for the clarification! 

No problem! :D

I'll start typing up first replies to get things started.

Shin, Sawa and Mine will probably start together as they are typically a party in the game, and the same with Rika, Toma and Ikki.


...and...I should probably make two more characters, just in case someone else wants to join....

Cool, can't wait :3

I did look up that AMNESIA anime becasue I liked the way the characters looked, and there are a few other characters. I wasn't sure if you just didn't want to use them or just didn't see them xD

Ah, yes I saw them. I was going to use them, actually. Accept for Heroine. I pretty much covered the girls already, and in order to make things even there was going to be another girl Eraser, and another boy for a normal player.

I was thinking of using Kent, and then this picture that I found and thought was pretty cool:


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