The Twilight Saga

this is disney highschool where all your favorite charcters attend the same school

twi connection: Carlisle is principal

we have the Jocks:

Hercules- wrestling/football taken by:Lizzy

Hercules Night~Hercules~17~Tba~Hercules loves to use his strength and run its the two reasons he joined wrestling and football he can be majorly cocky at times but can become a stuttering mess around a pretty girl he isn't really shy. ~ Lizzy

Prince Charming-football~ taken by miss Chloe

Jason Charming~Prince Charming~17~Tba~He's a nice guy who's a jerk sometimes.He charms girls with his smile.He's the king of sarcasm.He wants abgirl who can handle him and his cocky attitude.

Eric-captain of the swim team

name: Eric Chambers~ Eric~age: 18~crush: Ariel~ the captain of the swim team, he's really interested in Ariel. she's always in the water and he loves that, he thinks they would be great together~ p/b:me

prince Phillip- archery

Shang me

the quiet girls-



name: Aspen Nightengale~ disney character: Rapunzel~age: 17~ crush- Flynn~ shes shy and quiet but her heart is gold, she's a small town girl who dreams of seeing the world. that's why she wants to be with flynn even if he's a bad boy~ p/b: me

Belle~the lovely pewds

Belle Munro~Belle~Seventeen~The Beast~Belle is a very sweet, kind hearted girl, who gives her time, dedication and life to books. She's a huge bookworm, and her favorite novels are romances and comedies. She's madly in love with The Beast, but of course, she despises him and hates him at first, because of who he is, a bad person.~Pewds

Mulan taken by the amazing Ducky

Meg taken by the amazing Ducky

the bad boys:

The Beast taken by the amazing Ducky


Flynn Rider~ the lovely pewds

Flynn Rider~Flynn Rider~Eighteen~Aspen~Flynn is a criminal, a bad boy who only thinks of himself, no matter who gets hurt in the process. He's been arrested a few times for minor things like stealing, but he likes anything that shines, and might be worth tons of money. At first, we wants Aspen only for her rare jeweled necklace, but he later realizes, that it's wrong, that it's not what he wants most.~Pewds

Popular nice girls:




Ariel- taken by Miss Chloe

Ariel Waters~Ariel~16~Eric~She's a kind and caring girl who loves her friends to death.She wants to travel the world someday.She loves to swim.Shes always in the water.She's kindof shy.

Princess Jasmine~taken by: Lizzy


Jasmine Shades~Jasmine~18~Tba~Jasmine loves to express herself so she is extremely creative she loves to meet new people that's what made her popular in the first place she's really wanting to break away from her home and get to see the world outside of her home. ~Lizzy



must be boy and girl

not your own couple

be active on here

follow tts rules

no drama outside the roleplay please

no ditching



name~disney charcter~age~crush(must be preapproved)~bio~p/b

note: please no animal characters from the movies sorry :(

please feel free to ask for character that i have forgotten or not put up



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Meg leaned forward and put her elbows on the table. She propped her head up with her hands. "C'mon. You know how to do this. Just like the first problem you did." She pointed to the first part of the equation with her small finger. "You're a smart person you can figure it out" She said quietly and looked at him. She reached into her bag and took some notes out. She slid them across the table to him. "Here use these" 

Hercules growled in frustration as he looked at the notes staring at them intently as he fixed the problem and smiled in satisfaction as he finally got it right again "cool thanks Meg" he said as he shoved his book into his bag hoping he was ready for the school year he rubbed his temple and leaned back in his chair "seriously thanks" he said as he then rubbed his face with his hands.

Meg smiled and just nodded. She had already opened a book about different fairy tale stories. Rapunzal was first. There were different pictures to go along with the story. Meg furrowed her eyebrows. "Rapunzals picture looks exactly like Aspen" she said mostly to herself. It wasnt like a slight resemblance either. It looked like someone sat Aspen down and drew an exact portrait of her. Meg skipped a few pages to see who Rapunzel ended up with and let out a little gasp. The boy in the story book looked like Flynn. "What in the world..."

Hercules looked over her shoulder "Ya that does look a lot like her" he said as he looked at the girl he went to school with well not really the girl he went to school with but you got what he meant anyway "where did you get this Meg" he asked her as he looked at the front of the book slightly as she looked through it.

Aspen walked into the library again to tell Meg. "Meg guess what? FLYNN ASKED ME OUT!" She said cheering. She was shushed by fellow library goers. She looked at the look on both Hercules and Meg's faces," what did I miss?" She asked raising her eyebrows. She sat down and took the book from them. "Is that me?" She asked, her eyes growing wide.
Meg ignored them both. She quickly flipped to the next story. Mulan. She pointed to the picture of 2 lovers getting married "that's Mulan and Shang" she whispered. This was getting scary. She quickly scanned the story. "The story is that Mulan disguised herself as a man to join the Chinese army and fight in her fathers place. She learned hand to hand combat" she paused. "And the Mulan we know is a black belt..." She continued reading. "She met a man in the war...named Shang. And they fell in love" meg swallowed and looked at Hercules and aspen.
Aspen stared in complete shock and fear. "Let me see that." She took the book and flipped to the next story." OHMIGOD. The next story is called Hercules."she read the story out loud. "Meg and Hercules." She whispered. "We are fairytales" she gaped."wait what about belle?" She asked
Meg stared at the table in front of her. Hercules was a god. And he chose to be with meg over being a god. In a past life anyways. She didn't looked at Hercules who sat in front of her. She grabbed the book from Aspen, trying not to look at the pictures of Hercules and Meg together. She flipped past them. "Beauty and the beast," she said quietly and read the story out loud. At the end it showed the monster as a human "Tyler is the beast...belle is the beauty" she mumbled

Hercules was shocked as he listened and heared each thing "what about Jazz and All" he asked them about Jasmine and Aladdin he also noticed Meg ignoring him again he didn't let it show. 

Meg shook her head and pushed the book away from her towards Aspen. She was too freaked out to read anymore. "Looks like everyone is from a fairy tale" she said, "and people are still some what living out the lives they were given. Getting together with their true love and such. Like you and Flynn and Mulan and Shang and Ariel and Eric" she didn't mention her and Hercules. They weren't getting together and that was that. It just wasnt going to wok out that way. She took a deep breath, trying to relax
Aspen sat there shell shocked. "So this has already happened?" She asked raising her eyebrows. She felt so cheated. Her life had already been predicted for her. It made her feel cheap, she couldn't explain it but it made it... Premeditated almost. She sighed. She was upset and hurt and feeling used.
Meg bit her lip and looked at the book again "no exactly I mean I'm sure we still have the power to control our lives. I think this is just a past life" she scratched her head "things pass over from a past life ya know? Like certain skills or personality." Or the person you're supposed to end up with. Meg didn't say that part. She wasnt sure she liked the idea of being with Hercules


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