The Twilight Saga

Twilight Relation: People of Byhedge are vampires.

Let me tell you a small story of a country and it’s becoming downfall.
Around a small country named Divinae is a large, towering wall. No one is allowed in. No one is allowed out, except for royalty. This country is sheltered, happy, free of deadly diseases. What more could the people of Divinae want? Is there truly anything wrong with this peaceful place?
Yes. Of course. Nowhere is perfect, and neither is this country.
One morning, the nobles and royalty were forewarned of ships from the country Byhedge drifting near the country’s walls. On those ships are people of many ages and looks, most looking innocent and helpless. The leader of those boats is a woman of ruthlessness, and her plan is to take over this country. “Send horror down everyone’s spines! Kill the royalty and anyone who stands in our way!” she would shout to her loyal followers and unwilling civilians.
Most on the boat didn’t want this. They were dragged out of their homes, and now they are forced to face the military of this strong country of Divinae. Can the innocent be saved by those who are willing to help? Or will they be dragged along in a battle between king of Divinae and the queen of ruthlessness?
Very few have any caring thoughts in their mind for those innocent on the ships, but the few that do are willing to do something, anything, to help the innocent survive. But those who disobey the king’s laws, even the noblest of royalty, will be executed.
What is to become of those poor people?

Note: Takes place in the far past. 

Rules to Obey:

  1. You must play both a boy and a girl. 
  2. Have as many (as long as equal gender number) characters as you would like. 
  3. Royalty can both be deadly and caring, it's up for you to decide. 
  4. Play one good character, and one bad character. 
  5. Do not make any Mary/Gary Sues. (No "perfect" characters).
  6. Long replies. Nothing less than a paragraph of six sentences. 
  7. Please try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. 
  8. Have fun, and be nice (out of character)!

Character Form: 


Age (no younger than 14):

Good or Bad?:

From Divinae or Byhedge?:


Image (anime/manga please): 

Existing Characters:

Name: Adair

Age: 17

Good or Bad?: Good

From Divinae of Byhedge?: A princess from Divinae.

Personality/History: Adair is a stubborn, yet gentle girl. She has always disapproved of her father's (the king's) way of thinking, but fears him more than loves him, as she has never once shown her disapproval. Since the ships have broken in through the walls of her country, she leaves the castle whenever she can to help those who need it. She is determined to help those that need it, though that can easily be used as a weakness against her, as anyone who comes up with a pleading look on their face will be helped. Her personality and eagerness to help could end up getting her killed by those who trick her.

Adair was born and raised in the country of Divinae, rarely getting to leave the castle. However, being the stubborn girl she is, she often crept out from the guards' views and went to play with other kids from the village. She grew up disliking her father's ways and views, though she, of course, had no power to do anything about it. Unless she were to get one of her brothers to kill him, they would have no way to overthrow him. She thought that these ships from Byhedge would be a blessing to Divinae, but was sadly distraught when she was wrong and war broke out. 


Name: Aeron

Age: 19

Good or Bad?: Bad

From Divinae or Byhedge?: A guard from Byhedge.

Personality/History: Aeron grew up in the country of Byhedge with his mother and sister, who were always sweet and caring. When he was just seven, his family was slaughtered by the queen of Byhedge. She had cut their throats right in front of his eyes and brought him back to the castle, raising him to be a ruthless guard for her. He eventually grew to love this woman who killed his family, for she raised and took care of him, feeding him and spoiling him. He'd gladly die to fulfill his Queen's wish, as he is a loyal young man. 

Aeron is both ruthless and cunning in battle, and he easily gives out orders to those below him, as well as he compliantly listens to his Queen. He feels he only has one person to care about, and those are his close friends and the Queen, who he saw as his mother. He believes that if he kills the royalty of Divinae he'll rise to fame and help the Queen take over this country, though he is unaware of the Queen's future plans for him.


If anything is unclear, please feel free to ask! :D

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