The Twilight Saga

It's summer vacation finally, school has just been released and everyone is excited. There's about to be a big retreat that will occur for two months. Eight weeks. Only Sixteen teenagers are allowed to go. 8 girls. 8 guys.

For the first month all of the kids are going up to a huge log cabin in the woods by a lake. The cabin has 6 employees there, two chefs and four 4 butlers, so the cabin never runs out of food. The chefs only work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For the second month the kids go down to L.A. in California and live in a huge beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. And what happens on the trip can create a new life for them, or ruin their life now. Drama is going to occur.


1. Make at least one boy and one girl.
2. Drama must be acceptable, no murder allowed. No drama OOC
3. You cannot be your own couple at any time in the Role Play.
4. Do not God Mode, ever. ( meaning controlling other's characters without their consent. )
5. No text talk. You have a full keyboard for a reason.Please use proper spelling and grammar if you know it.
6. Do not underestimate anyone.
7. No emo/scene pictures please. No anime either.
8. Do not ditch.
9. Ask to crush.
10. Ages 16 - 20.
if you read the rules, comment "SWEATER WEATHER" when you join.


Full Name | Age | Species | Crush | Close Friend?(optional) | P/B: | Face Claim

Short Bio


Hunter Felicia Brones | 19 | Werewolf | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Ashley Benson
Hunter has always been that girl everyone knew and everyone was jealous of. She became one of the most popular girls at the high school during her sophomore year when she moved here. A lot of the girls tried to be her friend but she just pushed them away, she wasn't the one to be friends with everyone. She also became the girl every football player would fall for or basketball players, pretty much everyone.

Brooklyn Paige Derin | 17 | Demon | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Crystal Reed
Brooke has always been a fighter, that tough girl, even before she learned she was born as a demon. Her family lived in the forest for years until she was 15, she was the hunter of the family. She alway brought home dinner. Her mother had homeschooled her until they moved to a small mountain where she attended her first public school. After her first year, her family decided to move to the town over, Forks where she met all her friends. She fit in well at the school since almost everyone wasn't human. She felt normal for once.

Ren Parker Lockent | 17 | Wizard | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Hunter Parrish
Ren has akways been a really athletic guy, he was kind of a popular guy, but he didn't appreciate it. He never really talked to a lot of people even though so many guys wanted to be him. He is always quarterback of the football team, so a lot of girls are all over him after football games and everything, but the truth is he has never dated anyone since his previous relationship two years before when his girlfriend cheated on him, since then he hasn't trusted any women.

Kayden Dylan Rivent | 18 | Angel | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Cameron Dallas
Kayden is a model. He models for all kinds of magazines every now and then and he is such a sweetheart. His friends and him are the prankers of the entire school and they prank everyone they get a chance to. Kade is also the type of guy girls go to for a shoulder to cry on. He is the sweetest guy you'll meet.

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Join Please

I'm joining. :)

Yay!!! Thank you!!

Alara Diamond | Seventeen | Witch | - | Brooklyn | Stella | Gabriella Wilde
Alara is one of the most popular girls in school. She's also one of the meanest. She's that girl that everyone knows and hates/secretly wants to be. Alara is snobby and selfish. She hardly cares about anyone besides herself with the exception of her best friend Brooklyn. Brooklyn mellows Alara out. She is one of the few people who can calm her down. Alara knows how to get what she wants and often uses it to her advantage. She comes from a long line of powerful witches. She knows how to control her abilities, but finds it difficult sometimes since her emotions play a big part in it. 

Miles Holland | Eighteen | Shapeshifter | - | - | Stella | Dylan O'Brien
Miles is a go with the flow type of guy. He will just about try anything once. He doesn't really belong to a specific clique, but sees himself as a social butterfly. Miles knows everyones. He likes to laugh and have a good time. Miles is smart, cunning and clever. He is confident, but not cocky. Miles is one of most loyal people you'll ever meet. He cares about people and genuinely sees the good in everyone. But Miles holds a secret that no one knows about. He's lost. Being a shapeshifter, Miles can be whoever he wants and he never really found out who he was.

Thanks both!!! Can Brooklyn crush on Miles??



Isabella Laura Brooks | Seventeen | Human - Gifted (Manipulates/Controls Fire) | — | — | ron loves harry | Meredith Foster

Isabella was born and raised in the city, she was the kid who always read books instead of making friends or being loud. She never spoke much and her parents were worried about her, they sent her to doctors but it wasn't a disease she simply didn't enjoy speaking much. Her parents were very loving and always had her back no matter what. On her previous school she was more like an outsider, she didn't make friends but she got straight A's no matter what. On the aniversary of her parents marriage she lost control of a gift she didn't use very often and caused their house to burn down. No one was hurt but her parents were worried about her and finally told her the truth - she was adopted. She wasn't mad and was glad to hear the truth. She's kind and sweet, and very weird. She's loyal and a bit sassy at times. She still doesn't speak often but it's trying to make friends on the school were everyone is anything but ordinary. Now she has control of her power and isn't a threat to anyone.


Tobias Jacob William | Eighteen | Werewolf | — | — | ron loves harry | Ian Nelson

Tobias was always the caring guy who tried not to bother anyone and always had a smile on his face. At theage of fourteen he began having anger issues but soon had control over his emotions as he learned he was a werewolf. He's not the smartest kid but he isn't the dumbest either. He doesn't really belong to the popular group, he's more of a quiet guy who eats too much. He can be very loud, he's the nicest guy you could ever meet. He's also known for being a good listener, he isn't the most attractive guy but he has good ears and doesn't really judge anyone. He doesn't try to fit in he's just himself and he messes up a lot and says the wrong thing but he never thinks twice before apologizing. He used to play basketball but now is trying to focus more on his grades. He knows a few people on the school and gets along with most of them.

Sweater Weather

Beck Hudson | Eighteen | Warewolf | - | - | Karina Torres | Colton Haynes

Beck is considered the school player, a title that he is quite proud of.  He has a different girl on his arm every week.  None of the girls that he has been with have been able to change him.  Even though they have all been warned about him, girls find it impossible to stay away from him.  Beck is a football player, and though he is an above average athlete, he doesn't spend nearly as much time focusing on football as he does pursuing girls.

Lacey Sparks | Seventeen | Human | - | - | Karina Torres | Vanessa Hudgens

Lacey Sparks is extremely spoiled, and has never worked a day in her life.  Her mother is a retired model and designer, and her father owns several hotels and businesses.  Since birth, Lacey has been given the best of everything.  She has a tough time making friends because most girls can't stand her bratty personality.  Though guys swoon over her, she hasn't been in many relationships because she has very high standards.

Arabella Winters |17 | fallen angel | --- | --- | sara | Taylor Momsen

Arabella is sweet girl,once you get past her walls and aggressive demeanor. She hates people. She is the very definition of a loner. Her father forced her into being in the retreat, he said that she needed 'friends'. She is found usually in the back of every classroom or by the nearest door. 

Lincolin 'Link' Colton | 18 | angelic vampire | --- | --- | sara | Nico  Mirallegro

Link decided to do this retreat to get away from his family. its not that he doesn't loves his family they just make him want to bad things. Anger. Is his problem. He's always angry at something or someone. But he can be a pretty nice guy given the chance.


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