The Twilight Saga

It's summer vacation finally, school has just been released and everyone is excited. There's about to be a big retreat that will occur for two months. Eight weeks. Only Sixteen teenagers are allowed to go. 8 girls. 8 guys.

For the first month all of the kids are going up to a huge log cabin in the woods by a lake. The cabin has 6 employees there, two chefs and four 4 butlers, so the cabin never runs out of food. The chefs only work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For the second month the kids go down to L.A. in California and live in a huge beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. And what happens on the trip can create a new life for them, or ruin their life now. Drama is going to occur.


1. Make at least one boy and one girl.
2. Drama must be acceptable, no murder allowed. No drama OOC
3. You cannot be your own couple at any time in the Role Play.
4. Do not God Mode, ever. ( meaning controlling other's characters without their consent. )
5. No text talk. You have a full keyboard for a reason.Please use proper spelling and grammar if you know it.
6. Do not underestimate anyone.
7. No emo/scene pictures please. No anime either.
8. Do not ditch.
9. Ask to crush.
10. Ages 16 - 20.
if you read the rules, comment "SWEATER WEATHER" when you join.


Full Name | Age | Species | Crush | Close Friend?(optional) | P/B: | Face Claim

Short Bio


Hunter Felicia Brones | 19 | Werewolf | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Ashley Benson
Hunter has always been that girl everyone knew and everyone was jealous of. She became one of the most popular girls at the high school during her sophomore year when she moved here. A lot of the girls tried to be her friend but she just pushed them away, she wasn't the one to be friends with everyone. She also became the girl every football player would fall for or basketball players, pretty much everyone.

Brooklyn Paige Derin | 17 | Demon | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Crystal Reed
Brooke has always been a fighter, that tough girl, even before she learned she was born as a demon. Her family lived in the forest for years until she was 15, she was the hunter of the family. She alway brought home dinner. Her mother had homeschooled her until they moved to a small mountain where she attended her first public school. After her first year, her family decided to move to the town over, Forks where she met all her friends. She fit in well at the school since almost everyone wasn't human. She felt normal for once.

Ren Parker Lockent | 17 | Wizard | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Hunter Parrish
Ren has akways been a really athletic guy, he was kind of a popular guy, but he didn't appreciate it. He never really talked to a lot of people even though so many guys wanted to be him. He is always quarterback of the football team, so a lot of girls are all over him after football games and everything, but the truth is he has never dated anyone since his previous relationship two years before when his girlfriend cheated on him, since then he hasn't trusted any women.

Kayden Dylan Rivent | 18 | Angel | --- | --- | hakuna matata(me) | Cameron Dallas
Kayden is a model. He models for all kinds of magazines every now and then and he is such a sweetheart. His friends and him are the prankers of the entire school and they prank everyone they get a chance to. Kade is also the type of guy girls go to for a shoulder to cry on. He is the sweetest guy you'll meet.

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Please join!

Taben Presley Duncan | Seventeen | Werepanther | -- | -- | Lizzy | Holland Roden
 Taben is unique as her name. She's as sweet as the Devil, she knows how to use her charm to get what she wants. She doesn't have friends but she doesn't have enemies either. Everyone knows its best to stay on Taben's good side. She can end someone social life with a snap of her fingers, but she doesn't like to be mean all of the time. She can be nice, to a few select people, and Kayden is one of those people. She doesn't like him more then a friend but she likes that what she tells him stay between them. She likes Ren but she treats him like he treats her, like he doesn't exist. She doesn't trust guys much, she has been heartbroken a few to many times, and she seems the same in Ren. She likes a challenge and loves to prank people.

 Teagan Ray Lincoln  | Eighteen | Shape Shifter | -- | --  | Lizzy | Dylan O' Brien 
Teagan is a total goodball. He loves to goof off. He's labeled as the class clown, everyone likes him. He's never had a girlfriend because he's never been seen as the boyfriend type, to be honest, he's always been friendzoned. He doesn't mind as much as he use to because he knows one day a girl won't friendzone him and that he'll be with the person he's meant to be with. He's a sappy romantic and will do anything to win a girl's heart when given the chance. Everyone takes advantage of his niceness but he knows how to be mean also. He knows when its time to put his foot down.

Sweater weather !

Can Hunter like Teagen????

Sure! I'm not sure who Taben likes right now. I'm leaning towards Ren but I kinda think Kayden so I don't know. (:

Tanner Arabella Gage | Seventeen | Witch | - | - | Stella | Lily Collins

Tanner knows everyone and everyone knows Tanner. She's not popular, but she's also not an outcast. Tanner's a social butterfly. She uses her social status to her advantage. Tanner practically knows everything about everyone. She's smart, quick on her feet, and witty. Tanner can be manipulative if need be. She knows how to get what she wants. 



Kit Alexander Thatcher | Eighteen | Phoenix | - | - | Stella | Logan Lerman
Kit is more of the reserved type. He's not loud and obnoxious, but the opposite. He's slightly socially awkward and a little nervous around girls. He's caring, sweet and gentle, something people mistake for weakness. But not Kit. Kill them with kindness is Kit's motto. What you see if what you get with Kit. He's not one of those people that acts differently around others. 

Thank you both! I will add up your characters this weekend and we can discuss close friends/crushes then!!


  • Alessa Jane Hyde | 18 (oldest by 20 minutes) | Shape Shifter | - | - | P/B: Rose Carter| Alexandra Daddario

Alessa is a guardian to her twin brother Zane, she has always protected him sense they were young because he was always bullied and abused at school and home. She doesn't trust easily due to past betrayals. She first comes off as mean but when you get to know her she is a caring and protective person.

Zane Lucas Hyde | 18 | Werewolf | - | Sister | P/B: Rose Carter | Carter Jenkins

Zane is your typical quiet reserved person, he doesn't have a lot of friends in fact his closet friend is Alessa. He was always bullied at school and at home but when Alessa started to protect him the bullying got better and slowly came to a end.


I was thinking can Alessa's closest friend be Brooklyn and her crush Kayden, and for Zane's closest friend Kit.

Sweather Weather (Sorry forgot)

i want to but i need a pic so can you help me out with that?

Yes, I can, what celebrities or if tumblr people hair color


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