The Twilight Saga

Six couples met in different ways and are from different cliques of high school which makes things even more interesting.

Twilight Relation: Different Supernatural creatures


Christina & Daryl

How they met: They met at a party but never caught the others name until they ran into each other one day down the street.

Name: Christina Von Stein

Age: 17

Personality: Hyper, outgoing, friendly, nice, caring

Clique: Dancer

Creature: Elf

P/b: Open

Name: Daryl Savage 

Age: 18

Personality: Player, dirty minded, protective

Clique: Jocks

Creature: Vampire

P/b: Open



Rosanna & Darren

How they met: They met when they both stared in a play together. Darren was made to audition for extra credit at school.

Name: Rosanna Vondrack 

Age: 17

Personality: Quiet, shy, bookworm

Clique: Drama Club

Creature: Mermaid

P/b:Summer Love 

Name: Darren Vorhis

Age: 17

Personality: Reserved, quiet, keeps to himself

Clique: Loners

Creature: Werewolf

P/b: Me


Stacy & Chad

How they met: They were best friends before they started high school but drifted apart when they started school but got put as partners in a class and started falling in love.

Name: Stacy Bloodsworth

Age: 18

Personality: Prim, proper, outgoing, cheerful

Clique: Cheerleaders

Creature: Angel

P/b: Open

Name: Chad Harstine

Age: 18

Personality: Mean, cruel, player

Clique: Players

Creature: Demon

P/b: Me


Michelle and Hayden

How they met: They met in detention. Hayden was in there for smoking on campus and Michelle was in there for cheating on a test.

Name: Michelle Canzon

Age: 17

Personality: Quiet, shy, head always in a book

Clique: Nerds

Creature: Witch

P/b: Me

Name: Hayden Leahy

Age: 18

Personality: A little air headed, kind, caring

Clique: Skaters/Outcasts

Creature: Werewolf

P/b: Open


Jennifer and Cody

How they met: Jennifer's best friend Rosanna introduced them because Cody is Rosanna's brother.

Name: Jennifer Sparks

Age: 17

Personality: Pushes people away, doesn't really trust many people, kind and caring, a little sarcastic

Clique: Drama Club

Creature: Fairy

P/b: Me

Name: Cody Vondrack

Age: 19

Personality: Kind, caring, outgoing, singer, protective

Clique: Not in high school anymore

Creature: Human

P/b: Open


Wanda and Jason

How they met: They met while away on vacation and they get back to school and realize they go to the same school.

Name: Wanda Sanders

Age: 16

Personality: Fit, cheerful, mean, up herself

Clique: Popular

Creature: Nymph

P/b: Open

Name: Jason Harward

Age: 18

Personality: Kind, quiet, sad  alot of the time, listening to music most of the time

Clique: Emo

Creature: Demi-God(Mother is Athena)

P/b: Summer Love



1. Boy and Girl only

2. More then one line

3. Proper replies. *--* this is not for actions "--" this is for speech.

4. if you understand the rules write "Love will find a way"

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Rosanna and Jason

Thank you :D :D

welcome :) :) xox

Love will find a way. And I choose Hayden and Cody.
Thanks did you want to be two girls as well?

Stacy and Hayden? Love will find a way

Wait, can I be Wanda instead? Sorry :P

Wanda instead of?

Stacy :D

Yeah that's fine

when can we start?


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