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Alec Volturi has giving up the volturi and even doesn't mind leaving his twin sister Jane's side now once he accidently met Sara he even created his own coven family much to Aro's displeasure who has decided to take back his other most powerful pawn but Alec has a family and a mate worth fighting and dying for if came down to it.


You can be as many people as you want to be

and have fun.








Volturi Members (Name one you want to be and I'll write it down)






Alec's Coven Members


Sara Lyn Volturi


She met Alec by a complete mistake while the two happened to be hunting at the same time smashing into each other and falling in love she is a sweet person and can become angry really quick when someone threatens her family.


Alec Samuel Volturi


He was one of Aro's most powerful people and leaves which in turn makes Aro mad  and later strike war on him and his vampire coven he can be a bit dark from his past with the volturi but he is actually very sweet to Sara and most the time with his coven.



Bio She was a nomad that stumbled upon Sara and Alec, she had a instant connection with Sara. 


Crush: Brad


Name Starleen (Star) Nicole Carter

p/b Lexi

Age 17

Bio: She used to be part of the Volturi but they let her go, but it didnt come with consequence. 

Crush TBA


Jason Carson


P/B: Lexi

He is sweet and kind but very protective of whats his and what he loves. 

Name Darkrin Laycn

p/b Jasper's Girl

Age 17

Bio He is a shy quiet type and goes with the flow type person but would excels at whatever he needs to do. Alec changed him when they crossed paths.

Crush TBA

Name Lyla Rose

Bio She always had to much curiosity she just had to see what the dangerous looking guy was doing the that dangerous guy was Alec and a Sara Alec changed her for his coven.



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Jason smiled and got up "Yeah i am next!" he said excitedly. he always loved learning new things and experiencing and adventure, especially with his family there to experience it with him. he walked over to Jasper but not before giving Lyla a kiss first 

Starleen smiled and nooded at her, she sat down next to her and Darkrin "Yeah me too, thank you for being so accepting of me" she said sincerely "I dont think i have been this happy" she said and leaned over and kissed Darkrins cheek. "Oh well i'm so sorry that this is happening to you and Alec, yall are such good people, and deserve to be happy" 

Alec smiled down at Sara and watched what was going on with Jasper, when Lyla was done he smiled at her "Good jb out there kid" he said and gave her a pat on the back 

Jasper instinctively went into a fighting stance and waited for Jason to make the first move.


Darkrin leaned closer to Starleen and was glad to hear she was getting comfortable being a part of the family he was glad he couldn't blush.


Sara smiled "that's good dear I'm seriously glad you are adjusting well no one is the same you and Darkrin are a lot alike as well he wouldn't speak much when he came neither did you he probably would have said nothing if Lyla wasn't so pushy" she said with a laugh "I'm glad he was the one to get you to speak without having to really pry anything out of you" Sara said as she looked at the adorable couple "and yes but I am not going to start why meing myself" she said with a small chuckle what is did is did and we are dealing with it the best we can" she said her voice strong.


Lyla smiled when Jason kissed her "Ya old man getting flipped onto your back is a great job" she said sarcastically yet playfully and with a wide smile on her lips "kick his butt baby" she shouted to Jason.

Jason grinned as he walked over to a waiting Jasper, he was all for learning how to fight, yet somehow Jasper seemed less intimidating from his spot on the floor next to his family, he had a moment where he felt scared then instinct kicked in and he was ready

Starleen smiled at Darkrin and reached for his hand lacing their finger together, "Thank you sara thats means alot to me" she said honestly. Sara was like a mother to her so being able to talk to her like o this was something she missed dearly "yes and i promise to do what ever i can to help you and alec get the peace you both deserve 

Alec heard what was being said but he looked out at the movements both his son and Jasper were creating, it was amazing to see first hand what Jasper could do, Edward had told him of Jaspers talents and skills but to be able to finally witness it was something else, although he did wish that the circumstance was different.

Jasper smiled slightly as he kept paying attention to Jason's movements and when he came at him he moved guilelessly out of his way then found his weakness faked a jab and easily got him on his back he was a decent fighter if he had given Lyla a chance she would be the same most likely but she was being to cocky he didn't act to cocky but he could still take the younger vampire "that was fun" he commented as he slid back so Jason could stand up.


Sara smiled at Starleen "well dear we hope the same for you as well" she said nodding to her and Darkrin's laced hands then she leaned back into Alec as he watched his other child fight with Jasper "neither of you eager to fight" he asked Darkrin and Starleen cause neither of them seemed to eager to go against Jasper or volunteered to even "I don't blame you but if we work together we might have a pretty good chance" she said to sooth them if that was what they were thinking she also thought that they were the cutest couple she had ever seen.


Lyla layed on the grounded and watched the excitement but cringed when Jason landed on his back instinct had her wanting to attack Jasper but common sense told her to stay even though every bone in her body was tense and ready for a fight she knew she would win so she closed her eyes and breathed to calm down and for no reason.


Darkrin smiled shyly when Star laced their hands but loved it he wished he knew enough about girls he felt like he was doing everything right but also didn't want to mess up he was glad he wasn't able to blush anymore either "I'm ..fine with fighting" he said after he found his voice it was soft like always but he seemed to have a hard time even believing himself he wasn't the best of liars which was normally good but he didn't want the others to think of him as weak and he normally told the truth and only a couple of people could tell he was lying and he was currently watching the fight between Jason and Jasper which relieved Darkrin who hated himself even more for lying he hated lying yet here he was himself.

Jason was concentrating on trying to get the uper hand on the fight with jasper but it seemed that with every move he made Jasper hand already knew he was going to make it or had beat him to t. He knew Japser was a good fighter but he didnt know just how good, and when he found himself on his back with Jasper over him he knew that he had nothing on Jasper. Laughing jason stood up "Yeah fun for you maybe, you just kicked my butt and made it look easy" he sad shaking his head 

Starleen chuckled and squezzed Darkrins hand she could tell he felt the same way she did, she didnt like fighting but since she was a girl it was understandable that it was not something that she enjoyed but because Darkrin was not, fighting should be something he liked, like Jason and even Lyla "Umm i have never been good with the whole moving on my feet, i could barel walk without tripping over my own feet" she said shaking her head "Maybe it will be different now that  am a vampire but who knows"

Alec smiled and held Sara close to him, looking at Starleen and Darkrin he said "Its ok tht you dont want t fight, and i'm sorry that this is something that you are probably going to have to do, i wish that you didnt have to but unfortunately t might come to fight" he sad with a sigh "I will domy best to make sure that you dont have to but i want you both to be prepared just in case " he said to them 

Jasper smiled at his easy manner "alright go sit with Lyla she looks ready to attack me" he said jokingly as he then looked at the family "alright Darkrin or Starleen who's " he said as he noticed the way Lyla had reacted to Jason being attacked made him come up with a another lesson to teach the family as he waited for the young couple to decide who went next patiently "or both of you" he suggested.


Darkrin looked at Starleen "want to" he asked her with a small smile on his face as he tilted his head at her.


Sara leaned into Alec "I'm sure you are just as graceful as the rest of us" she said encouragingly "and I agree to everything Alec ha said as well" she said honestly. "We don't want you guys getting hurt hopefully it won't come to that" she said sincerely.


Lyla smiled widely as Jason came her way "so was it after crazy Jane saw you that he declared war or did Aro make up this on his own" Lyla asked bluntly as she looked at Alec and Sara. 





Starleen chuckled "I doubt that Sara but thanks for the encouragement" she said standing up "i'l go ," she said and leaned down and kissed Darkrins cheek. Nervously she walked over to the waiting Jasper 

Jason smiled and winked at Lyla and he came up to her, throwing his arm around her shoulder, He chuckled when Lyla asked her question 

Alec looked over at Lyla and shook hs head, she was blut as ever. although he ddnt disagree with her, it was still a rude thing to say. Giving her a look he said "it was when Jane saw me and Sara together with all of you  that she went back to Aro and he declared war as you say" he said to her 

(Hey i am soo sorry i havent been on, i have just been busy with things for school)

Jasper smiled as softly as he could to her and sent calming waves to Starleen who seemed nervous "its alright Starleen" he told her encouragingly hoping she would calm down "I'm not going to hurt you" he said as he felt her calming down whether it was on her own he wasn't for certain "do you know any fighting skills" he also asked her.

Lyla smiled as him and leaned into his side she noticed Alec's look "oh come on its the truth" she said but nodded "well that sucks well why not just leave you alone is he that danged evil or what?l" she asked him with a curios look.


Sara smiled at Alec and shook her head "you got to love children" she said into his ear and kissed his cheek as she sat back into his lap "you can do it Star" she shouted to Starleen in encouragement she thought the same thing but wasn't as blunt as Lyla was to blurt them out plus she was sensitive to Alec's feelings.


Darkrin sat as calmly as he could as he saw his Starleen walk up to Jasper and tried to not breath he had to stay calm or he might react stupidly.


(its alright I understand)


Darkrin stood  

Starleen walked up to him, she felt like a small child standing. she tried not to look at his scars, they made her more nervous. She was never one for violence, she was always the one to back down and away from it, now she had no choice.But she felt clam despite her thoughts "umm i saw a Jackie Chan movie once, does that count?" she asked with a smile. 

Alec took a deep breath and shook his head "Yes got to love them" he whispered back to Sara and pulled her closer into his lap. "Yeah Lyla, he actually is that evil" he said, "Look, aro wants to the most powerful, most respected among our kind. He only wants those who are his equal, and well he always gets what he wants, except with the Cullens and now me. He cant handle not having what he desires" he told her truthfully, he was always honest with them and always will be.

Jason listened intently to Alec, she pulled Lyla closer to him and across hhis lap so she could be more comfortable. keeping her close to him and her hand securely in his.

i have to clean, i shouldnt be long, maybe like an hour. Be back later 


Lyla looked at him and made a face "well that's dumb jezz talk about a control freak much" she mumbled to herself an leaned into Jason and smiled "is my turn again" she shouted to Jasper and chuckled when he sighed.


Jasper sighed at Lyla's comment but kept his complete focus on Starleen then laughed at her comment it was a nice laugh "no but that was a good one though" he said with a smile "you sound very much like Bella" he said as he shook his head "alright well Miss. Starleen let me teach you at least some basics then you can practice and then we can try sparing tomorrow how does that sound you can also learn some decent moves from your siblings" he asked her he didn't want to fight her with no experience.


Darkrin watched intently.


Sara chuckled at Alec's comment "its alright we will win" she said dangerously dark for someone who was normally a very happy person she had a angry and determined look on her face as she closed her eyes for a few seconds..



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