The Twilight Saga

This wolf pack and group of best friends thought they have seen it all.

From fights to vampires to failing the midterms.

But there is one species they didnt knew was real.


A group of girls have showed up at school and no one knows what they came from.

The girls dont even know,

They know nothing about the human world.

Strange things start to happen now that these girls are around, and the wolves are set to find out what it is. But can they stop themselves from imprinting?


Boy and Girl

Dont Ditch

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Rain Triton


Rain is very hyper and bubbly, she normally acts like a child. Everything catches her attention. She loves to ask questions and find out everything about everything she knows nothing about. She is very friendly and talks to everyone. She also loves bright colors. She can control weather to, just like her father


Brad Hayes


Brad sometimes thing he is leader of the pack, but knows he is just the brother of the leader. He can be hard headed and is the bad boy of the group. He has a soft spot for animals and for some reason has a thing for cats. He will come off as a jerk but once you get to know him he is a sweet heart


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Rain had some how managed to turn everything on in the bathroom and was giggling loudly when she came running out. "There is so much water in there! I turned the knob in the big white round thingy and water came out of the top! I saw a thing like that in the titanic but it was all nasty and didn't work!" She said happily as she went back to red. She stopped and looked at the girl then down at the fresh bite mark on her arm. "Is one of them?" Rain whispered inching closer to Red

Ryan looked at the girl with the pink and green hair. "She won't hurt you. Her eyes are gold. She feeds off animals unlike the one that attacked you" he said then looke at Red. "This is the sister of the vampire that attacked your colorful friend here" he said. He could smell the girls blood and matched it to the scent of blood that was on the head of the other one.

Brad blinked and looked away "no" he lied trying to sound brave. He sighed and blinked away more tears. "I can't lose you" he said and looke at her. "You mean to much to me and the pain of even thinking about losing you is unbearable" he said as took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done what I did. It was stupid and I was mad the blood sucker was in my house anyways" she said and sighed. "One killed out baby sister a few years ago and I haven't wante much to do with then since. If I'm around one I try to make them misrable" he said "I'm sorry"
Red nodded but trusted Ryan. He wouldn't do anything to put his pack in danger. He smiled at Arlette "I'm Red and this is Rain". He was a little uneasy around her but the way Ryan was looking at her...."did you...?" Ryan nodded and Red shook his head with a chuckle. A vampire was the last thing he expected Ryan to imprint on.

Arlette smiled at Rain "I literally have no interest in hurting you!" She said with a small laugh. "I promise" she smiled in a friendly way. She leaned against the counter again and relaxed to make sure they knew she wasn't going to pounce. "I'm really really sorry about my brother" her smile faded and she shook her head.

Penny was too exhausted to even argue with him anymore "you don't have to be best friends with her. Just...civil." She said exasperated. "That's all I want from you". She said quietly. She grabbed his hand and played with his fingers. The imprint did something to her as well because the second they were touching, she felt a little better. She looked at him "I'm so tired" she said quietly. It must e been late because it was dark
Rain looked at red then at Ryan. "What's the thing called that makes water in the bathroom? They had them on the titanic when I was there last week?" She asked again since no one answered her question. Se stepped way from red as started skipping around the kitchen figuring that if she was in danger she wouldn't be in here

Ryan looked at the girl "uh a shower? The titanic? Red did you go looking for a imprint in the mental hospital?" He asked as he watched the girl. He looked over at Arlette and smiled. "I would say that is Penny's sister. Why don't you have that much energy?" He teased

Brad smiled when she took his hand "I'll try" he said and lead her to he house. "You can sleep in my room" he said as he opened the door. Rain was running wild as usally. Brad pulled penny up stairs. "Uhh if you want to sleep in something of mine you can. If not we do have some of my sisters clothes in the basements she was only 17 and about your size"
Red laughed when Ryan said that. He shook his head "uh no. She's kind of not from around here" he said with a smirk. "Her and her sister are mermaids...they lived underwater" he bit his lip. He probably sounded absolutely insane at that moment. He watched Rain skip around. For someone who was tired just a few hours ago, she sure had a ton of energy.
He watched Ryan and Arlette. He had never seen Ryan like this. It was weird.

Arlette laughed and playfully smacked Ryan's arm. "I dunno!" She took out a cigarette from the pack in her back pocket and put it in her mouth. And didn't light it, just like always. It was something her father used to do. He would explain why every time and it was the one thing she remembered from her human life. She leaned a little bit onto Ryan and smiled.

Penny walked into his room. She opened up the dresser and found one of his shirts. She pulled off her own and put his on. She flopped onto his bed then sat up. She looked at him standing in the door way and pat the bed next to her. With all the arguing they were doing, she wanted at least one moment where things felt right with them.
Rain skipped over to the vampire and bounce around happily. "We are going to a water park tomorrow! Do vampires go to water parks? Can they even be in the sun? What's happens if they are? Do y'all have fangs? Do you turn into a bat? Is there vampire slayers? What kills a vampire?" She asked as she smiled at her

Ryan looked at the girl as he put his arms around his imprint. His smiled down at her glad everything was calm now. He glanced upstairs. It was quite up there so maybe they had worked things out

Brad laid down beside her and pulled her close. "Sleep" he said and kissed her head softly and pulled the blankets around then
Arlette giggled at all the questions. "Um nothing happens if I go in the sun, I don't have fangs, I don't turn into a bat, though that would be fun." She said with a laugh "there are vampire slayers" she felt Ryan tense up but she didn't react "and fire kills us" she went through all the questions to make sure she answered them all. "Oh!! And I love water parks!" She grinned hugely

Red smiled and yawned. He looked at the clock. It was 11:30. He grabbed Rain's hand gently "maybe we should get going. We'll see them tomorrow" he said, gently pulling her to the door. He smiled at Ryan and Arlette and walked out the door. He got into his car and started it.

Penny snuggled close to him, taking a small handful of his shirt in her hands so he wouldn't leave. She closed her eyes and finally relaxed. She quickly fell asleep
Ryan laughed as they left. "Well she sure is something" he said and smile "I need to get in bed. You can stay here if you want"

(Do you wanna skip to tomorrow?)

Arlette didn't stay but she promised to come in the morning. She wanted to get home with her little sister. Her sister got bit the same time Arlette did and she's stuck at age 9. Arlette never knew what to do over night. You'd think after a few hundred years she would get used to not sleeping. She sighed and glanced at her phone. Ryan said he would text her when he woke up. She thought about this whole imprint thing. It was weird.

Red woke up with Rain in his arms. She was still asleep. They're legs were tangled together and he didn't think they could get any closer to each other. He smiled a little, not wanting to wake her up. He closed his eyes again and quickly fell back asleep.

Penny opened her eyes when the sun poured in through the windows. Brads arms were wrapped around her, holding her to his chest. She attempted to move but his arms tightened around her. She sighed, listening to the steady breathing of him.
Ryan rolled over in bed and yawned. He reache for his phone and pulled it off the charger bye quickly texted her telling her he was up. It felt weird i him not having her here. He wanted her as close to him as possible

Rain woke up and wiggled out of his arms and took off to the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower thing over her head to make sure nothing happened still then she too off running soakig wet and jumped on the bed "wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" She sang happily

Brad slowly opened his eyes and looked down at penny "morning beautiful" he said and smiled softly at her as he kissed her cheek. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Are you hungry?"
Arlette heard her phone buzz. She looked at her sister "you'll be ok here alone?" She asked. Her sister looked at her and rolled her eyes "I may look 9 but I've been alive long enough to know how to take care of myself". Arlette rolled her eyes and went to go get dressed.

Red was woken up by her leaping on the bed. He sat up quickly, thinking there was something wrong. He looked up and rain with tired eyes. He rubbed his eyes. "Good morning beautiful" he said with a smile. "Hungry?" He ran a hand through his hair.

Penny watched him sit up. "Noo you were warm!" She flopped over to where he was and laughed. She grabbed his arm and pulled him back down so he was laying next to her.
Ryan got up and went downstairs in his sweet pants and grabbed the cereal from the cabinet and poured the whole box in a bowl and grabbed a spoon. He shoved a few spoon fulls in his mouth

Rain jumped off the bed quickly as she bounced around "peanutbutter!" She giggled "what do i wear to a water park?" She asked and headed down the stairs

Brad chuckled "but I'm hungry" he said and smile "come on ill teach you how to cook breakfast"
Arlette pulled into the driveway and got out. Ryan saw her before she even knocked on the door and opened the door. She smiled at him and poked his nose before sitting down at the table. She watched him eat his cereal. He was definitely attractive.

Red followed her downstairs. "We can go get you a bathing suit before we go" he said, making her a peanut butter sandwich. He handed it to her then made himself a bowl of cereal.

Penny laughed and followed him downstairs. When Arlette was there, she grabbed his hand and traced small circles on his palm. She looked at him with a smile. "What are we going to make?" She asked excitedly.


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